Embracing the Inevitable

March 21, 2011 / Aaron

Those of us lucky enough to be in one of Will's classes last week have probably had this phrase knocking around our heads for a few days. The timing was uncanny for me, actually.

One of the reasons I love Yoga Belly is because it's heavy on the workout, light on the philosophy. But I do appreciate a thoughtful intention, a well-turned phrase, someone else's thoughts in my head to keep my own from chattering too loudly in my down dog. I like distinguishing between "accepting" the inevitable and "embracing" the inevitable too, even if it's so counterintuitive sometimes.

Will used the term in a professional sense, as though opening Yoga Belly and doing what he loves was inevitable. This probably applies to all of us, in all of our various stages of career paths or barely-blazed professional trails, but I find myself applying that term much more broadly: to the weather. My family. Health. To Tax Day right around the corner.

"Embracing" is such a more active verb than "accepting." I think that's what feels right to me.

How are you embracing the inevitable right now?

And, because yoga's all about balance... we'll balance those heavy thoughts with something light. Lady Gaga!