Get Up, Buttercup

March 22, 2011 / Aaron

I don't know about you guys, but whenever we learn some crazy new inversion in class, I always have to come home and try it about 8,000 times in the privacy of my bedroom and the comfort of wall-to-wall carpet. My neighbors really appreciate all the kicking up against the wall, aka my "handstand practice."

Matt told me to practice inversions in the morning, when the body is rested (as opposed to the second I get home from class, and my arms are already so tired I can hardly brush my teeth without shaking), and the mind is clear. The only problem is, sometimes I don't know how to start.

Then I found this video that starts from the basics of neutral spine all the way up into handstand in just ten minutes. Hello, gorgeous!

TerraFlow Video 8: Krista Cahill's ABCs of Inversions Part I from YogaEarth on Vimeo.

Enjoy : )

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