Kindred Spirit: Tara Stiles

March 23, 2011 / Aaron

We're not the only studio with a lighthearted approach (as evidenced by our disco ball): meet NYC's “Rebel Yogi” Tara Stiles.

Check out the article in the New York Times:

And, her thoughts on why she practices yoga: "I do yoga so I can understand myself from the inside out, stay grounded and centered, and connect in a meaningful way in the world. Seeing colors, irredecent dots that connect all things, and other trippy, amazingly real effects of doing yoga are also incredibly enjoyable for me, although I refrain from making them a discussion leader for the most part, except for those days when the class pack has left and a few stragglers/good friends linger around the Strala couch, grandma's quilt, and E.T. pillow made from my brother remain... My schedule is banana pancakes and will only get more nuts. I figure I could freak out, complain that I never have time to myself, or more sensibly, be crazy grateful for all the opportunities that I am getting to live out because of the effort I have put in. I am ridiculously grateful to be living exactly the life that I would wish for myself. . and I'm happy to understand the effort and attention it takes to cultivate life."

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