The Big Reveal

March 30, 2011 / Aaron

Hi everyone...

I realize I should probably introduce myself, now that my "Mike" alias is no more and I'm actually publishing under my own name, which is Tristen.

So, nice to meet you! I'm Tristen. I've been practicing at Yoga Belly since August, and had my first power yoga experience with Edna at 24 Hour Fitness in Mountain View. After about five seconds on the treadmill I said "Thanks, but no thanks" and then Edna had me standing on my head and I was hooked. I am still very new to yoga, but it is becoming an increasingly important part of my life, and I just like to talk/write, so now we have a blog. And yes, even the posts written by "Mike" are actually me. And, since for some reason I only recognize Yoga Belly people when they're in their yoga clothes, this is what I look like in mine:

Now that we've "met," what's your story? How did you begin your practice?