More Benefits of Yoga: Combatting Depression

April 11, 2011 / Aaron

You don't need to tell me: whether it's a crazy day at work, a tiff with my honey, or the 800 loads of laundry piled up in my hallway, it's not unheard of for me to come to class frazzled and winded, sprinting in at the last second, noting the irony of stressing about being late to yoga class. I laugh at myself for being such a 21st century yogi, and wonder if I'd be better off taking a leisurely stroll and smelling the flowers, or reading a book in the park, or taking my precious hour and getting a pedicure. But I always end up craving yoga. Maybe because, after who-knows-how-many-stressful-starts, I have yet to feel worse after an hour on my mat. In fact, so far, I have always felt better. Every. Single. Time.

Sure, it's anecdotal. But now Dr. Amy Weintraub seconds the motion. And she has like, research on the subject. Just about all exercise is good for preventing and relieving depression, but in a recent study at Boston University and Harvard Medical School, yoga was found to be more beneficial than walking. And Dr. Weintraub sees it as a viable alternative to medication in many patients. Read the full article here: and see a preview of Dr. Weintraub's book here: