Shout Out to Edna

April 26, 2011 / Aaron

Dearest yogis,

As many of you already know, our lovely Edna Barr is off to Bali until July. We are in capable yoga-hands until then, but we'll still miss her terribly.

Edna is the instructor who first introduced me to yoga. I mean, real yoga. Before that, I had done a few classes at 24 Hour, spent most of the time breathing and maaaaaaybe doing a sun salutation or two, but nothing that actually got me to sweat. Or focus. Or take yoga seriously.

Then I came to Edna's class. And in less than ten minutes, she had me sweating and shaking so hard in my low plank that I spent half the class in child's pose. During the last part of class, while we were doing backbends, I was flailing around, fingers grazing my calves, trying to get into camel pose. She came over, grabbed my hips, and said, "You've got plenty of space. Fire it up, Mama."

And then my hands were on my feet. Solidly, soundly, somehow, on my feet.

That's just the first in what turned out to be a long line of moments where Edna got me to do things I didn't realize I could do. All the teachers at Yoga Belly have done this: realized things about their students that we didn't know ourselves. But Edna was my first. As Will would say, after that, I was no longer a "yoga virgin."

It's such a strange feeling!

So, what about you? What's your favorite Edna-moment? Or a time where an instructor got you to do things you didn't think you could do?