What's In Your Blender: In the Kitchen with Edna

July 29, 2011 / Aaron

Dearest yogis!

I can't believe it's already August. I grew up in the Sacramento Valley (read: 112 degree summers) so it feels like summer should be coming any day now, rather than ending in a few weeks. So, to celebrate the last third of my favorite season of the year, with bikinis on the brain, and because the instructors at Yoga Belly are easily the hottest people I know (except for my honey, of course : )), here's the start of a little blog-lovin'.

I give you: the "What's In Your Blender" series. For the next few weeks, I'll be bugging instructors for their favorite bootylicious blended recipes, and sharing the nutritional wealth with you. Because I love you. And because you're beautiful. And because, as Will so eloquently laid out, "I do yoga because I want to be hot forever."

Kicking off this series is none other than our very own Edna Barr... take it away, Edna!

In her words:

"I pretty much throw whatever is laying around in the blender!

Kale Smoothie (can use dandelion greens as well)

water (can use coconut water for better hydration or half water/OJ)
lime or lemon (no skin, seeds ok )
fruit - any combination will work: TJ's frozen mango,pineapple, banana, tangerine, strawberries. Any fresh fruit getting over ripe; toss it in there!

Depending on how much frozen fruit you used, add a few ice cubes. I just have a low end cheapo blender that works fine; you just have to let it run for a good minute. Otherwise you end up chewing your smoothie. It really is fast & easy to make; no need to chop anything. Just throw it in the blender!"

Mmmmm... happy eating/drinking, and happy Friday!