What's In Your Blender: In the Kitchen With Fiona

August 30, 2011 / Aaron


I hate to say it, but summer is on it's last leg... my students are back in school, the pool is quieter, and mornings have me already looking for my slippers. Pretty soon, smoothies will take a back seat to oatmeal and hot tea, as far as my breakfasts are concerned.

To help us transition from the summer of smoothies to autumn, we have the culinary queen Fiona So. Fiona is a wonder in the kitchen, and she has been kind enough to share her Sweet Walnut Soup recipe with us.

Take it away, Fiona!

1) Dried Shelled Walnut 200g
2) Dried South Almond 5g
3) Dried North Almond 5g
4) White Rice 25g
5) Water 3L
6) Coconut Milk 400ml
7) White Sugar 300g
8) Whipping Cream (optional)

a) Put items 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 in blender. If the blender is not big enough, divide the ingredients into several groups. Blend the aforementioned items into a liquid form.
b) Pour the mixture into a big cooking bowl with the use of filter, add item 6 all at once.
c) Boil the soup and keep stirring until it's done.
d) Add item 7 and 8 into the soup. Keep stirring. Take the big cooking bowl away from the stove when it's done.

As per the ayurveda and yoga blog, "Walnuts are good Brain stimulants, Heart healthy, immunity booster, Cancer fighter, and muscle builder" (http://www.ayurvedictalk.com/the-health-friendly-must-eat-everyday-foods/792/)"


Image courtesy of cookwork.com