For Your Friday: Some Perspective

September 9, 2011 / Aaron

Well, dearest yogis, I'm off for a long weekend, that water trampoline has my name all over it.

To end the week, I wanted to leave you with this little clip a friend sent to me. We had spent dinner debating whether or not technology had actually improved the collective life of humanity (if you're snoring, I'll spare you) and had really gotten nowhere: we just didn't know. Then, in Jeff's class today, he was talking about seeing the glass as half full vs. half empty, and how if you're a half empty sort of person it won't matter if the cup is full of gold, and I found myself thinking back over my dinner conversation. So much of it goes hand in hand.

Anyway. We're light on philosophy over here at YB, but we do still think about it from time to time. So I'll let the clip speak for itself. And I'll whisper in your ear: everything IS amazing.

Happy weekend! You know I'll have a drink for you ; )