Yoga Gear: For the Practical, Humble, Insipid, or Non-Committal

September 12, 2011 / Aaron

Next up, we've got gear that's not too expensive, and slightly better quality than the canned tomatoes and bathrobe straps in the previous post. Goldilocks would say these are juuuuuuuuust right. (I'm a little more fickle, I've got stuff from all these. But more on that later).

Mat: Jade Harmony Professional $60

Why? Good texture, good grip, decent price, light and portable. Definitely stickier and better feeling than the cheaper mat, and this one should last a little longer.

Cons: For the price, I don't think it's that durable. I feel like if you're gonna spend $60 you may as well spend $90 on the Manduka.

Towel: Manduka eQua Mat Towel $40

Why: Super absorbent, nice and soft, stays flat on the mat even when you're squirreling around, dries quickly and doesn't need any pampering in the laundry department. I just got this one (like, a few weeks ago) and I actually like it more than it's slightly more expensive cousin, the Yogitoes, because it's softer and doesn't bunch up as much. Maybe it's just me, or my mat, but this one seems to lay flatter. And it dries faster!

Cons: Still a little pricey (for a towel), but it's worth it when the studio's a cool 90 degrees.

Blocks: Bean Products Professional Yoga Blocks $10

Why: Just like we have in the studio! Firm and sturdy, you can rotate these blocks to adjust the height: whether you need 4, 6, or 9 inches of lift (very handy for settling into splits or practicing the "Yoga Belly bump-up"). Lightweight, durable, and easy to clean. Non-slip surface.

Cons: The look, maybe?

Strap: Hugger Mugger Cinch Yoga Strap $10

Why: Functional, nice sturdy fabric feels strong and secure, I prefer the D-ring to the cinch buckle, but that's just me. The 6 footer is all I need, but I'm pretty short, so if you're taller you might need an 8 or even 10-footer.

Cons: Um... more expensive than a bathrobe tie?