Apparently, September is Yoga Month. Who Knew?

September 15, 2011 / Aaron


Well, I totally missed the boat on this one. Sorry guys. But yes, it's true, September is Yoga Month, and Yoga Journal is celebrating with a 7 day Fall Ayurvedic detox.

Wait. Celebrating with a detox? That sounds miserable. Yet, you heard right, my friends. If you can get through the first three days, you're home free. And, you'll probably feel amazing.

The rest of the yoga world started suffering, I mean detoxing, on Monday, September 12th. By this time, they're probably all feeling lighter and calmer and sexier, but it's not too late to start if you're into doing a little pre-holiday damage control.

Feeling up to it? Start with the Dosha Quiz. If you don't know what this means, don't worry, they walk you through everything. I'd never even heard of Dosha until 15 minutes ago, but now I'm ready to holla at my fellow Pitta-Kaphas. It sounds like a sorority, we should make sweatshirts or something.

So fresh and so clean clean!