Spirit House

September 21, 2011 / Aaron

What an amazing weekend to kick off our first in a series of Weekend Getaways featuring your favorite Yoga Belly Instructors. Thank you to everyone that came out and honored William and I with their presence at the Spirit House. Located just 30 minutes North of San Francisco it was a quick drive away but it felt like being whisked away to another world. Located on top of a hill, the Spirit House is overlooking a rolling valley, we dined on catered food provided by Barefoot Café located in Fairfax, Ca. William kicked off our weekend with a Yoga Belly class. Everyone came back from the Yurt sweaty and ready to jump right in to Happy Hour. You know how a glass of wine after a yoga class is, okay!?!? By the time dinner arrived I was in the kitchen getting things ready and conversation had swelled to an intense level of laughter and getting to know each other. This set the pace for the coming days…. Food, Yoga, , Happy Hour, Games, Laughter, Sleep, Hot Tub….What a weekend! At the beginning of the weekend we let everyone know to “take what you need with you.” The weekend was designed to be a balance of yoga, relaxation and party. We had hoped that it’s was just what people needed to recharge the soul before going back to their normal lives. It was up to them to be self aware and participate where they saw fit and rest when needed. I think we accomplished this and more. Thanks again everyone that came out and made the event such a huge success.