Yoga Belly’s 2nd year is going to be bigger and better!

September 29, 2011 / Aaron

If you have been in the studio this week you have seen a new addition to the Yoga Belly experience. We’ve upgraded our disco ball to the next level! In case you have ever wondered why we have a disco ball in the studio I should give you a little background info. Way back in the day William and I had a little business called Club Yoga. A workshop that combined dance and yoga that we would go around to different studio’s and play dance music and set up these 4 little plug in disco balls w/ built in lights that were on a stand and about the size of your fist balled up. We would place our little balls around the room and William would teach inspired dance sequences using your favorite yoga poses. We were trying to blend fun, movement and a light-hearted approach to yoga. For a while Club Yoga was on the schedule at YogaSource Palo Alto on Wednesday nights (A special plug for our good friends at YogaSource, we love them). When William and I decided to take the playfulness to the next level and start our own yoga studio one of the first decisions we made was to put in a disco ball with lights so the studio would convert easily to a party. This is the foundation of Yoga Belly philosophy… Work hard, play hard, have fun, enjoy the life that you have been given and make yoga a part of your life. Yoga will accentuate your existence making your life better, fuller and stronger.
As part of the changes that you will see taking place around the studio in year 2 of Yoga Belly, the first is a bigger ball. Start at the core and work your way out. We have some exciting plans in store for you in the coming year. Thank you for your patronage and next time your frustrated that you can’t float with grace into some of the more difficult yoga poses, look up and see the giant disco ball and remember…it’s not that serious, you’re practicing yoga under our giant shiny ball. So if your preference is the smaller balls or the new bigger balls… Smile and enjoy your experience in the studio!
Much Love,