Yoga Belly Power Bake

October 6, 2011 / Aaron

I wanted to catch up with Melissa Carlson and find out more about the Power Bake that she has coming up on October 16, 2011. I had never heard about a power bake and so I thought maybe our avid Yoga Belly Blog / Facebook readers would want to hear more about it. So here is a little Q & A with our very own Melissa Carlson:
Q. Is this your first power bake?
A. This is not my first power bake, it’s my fourth.
Q. Who came up with this concept?
A. Linda McGrath, owner of Yoga Source Los Gatos came up with the concept
Q. What is a Power Bake?
A. Power bake is basically a longer power class which gives us a chance to play more. We try to do ALL the poses from easy to more advanced.
Q. What is the benefit of a power bake?
A. benefit? haha, well that’s a tough question. everyone is going to have a different experience, but at the very least it is meant to be fun! I mean who does all the yoga poses in 3 hours? Have you ever left a yoga class and wanted a little more, to go a little deeper? Well this workshop leaves no stone unturned. We are going to try it all.
Q. What’s it like to do 3 hours of yoga in a row?
A. In the past, people have said time goes so fast. making sure to drink enough water and nutrients the day before will ensure a better performance just like any activity.
Q. What can people expect?
Expect to do a lot of yoga poses!
If you all haven’t had an opportunity to meet Melissa and experience her practice you are surely missing out. What an amazing light that emanates from her as she lights up with a smile as you engage her in conversation. I asked her if she wanted to share anything with Yoga Belly so we can get to know her better and she told me, “well I am a Nurse, a bartender and a yoga teacher. How deep do you want to go? Cause I will go there…” What an amazing woman, so open. If you get the chance to sign up for the Power Bake please do so. Challenge yourself in a different way and push your yoga boundaries to go deeper into your practice. You can sign up today by clicking: