Play like a kid

December 6, 2011 / Aaron

Two adult birthday parties occurred this past weekend for friends. One involved a roller skating rink (San Jose Skate), the other a trampoline park (House of Air in San Francisco). Both of them had a way of pulling out the childlike qualities in us all. When else you would you try and do flips, or see who could jump higher, or do 360s? It was amazing to watch people fall, and then get up and show their bruises and rashes with an enormous smile like they were proud badges of honor. You know what I'm talking about - and I bet you remember doing that as a kid.

It put things into perspective for me with yoga too. Sometimes we show up to our mats and try to be perfect. We forget that it's okay to fall and have fun. The day after those two parties I had such a great time in my own yoga practice trying things and falling. There was so much freedom in playing with something ridiculous (half moon with a bind anyone?!?) and having that childlike perspective. Turns out I got it pretty good…on one side at least.

Next time you're in yoga maybe you'll think about the roller skating rink. Maybe you'll think about the trampoline park. Maybe you'll realize why we have a disco ball in the studio. Life's a party folks. Don't forget to play like a kid sometimes.

[caption id="attachment_708" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="View outside House of Air Trampoline Park"][/caption]