Yoga Etiquette

December 8, 2011 / Aaron

Yoga is, by nature, an accepting, less "judgy" practice than a lot of other fitness regimes (for lack of a better word), but there is still an unspoken code of conduct. Here are some bits of yoga etiquette that I wish I had known early on:

Before Class:

-Arrive on Time: If you must be late, (it happens), be quick and discreet about it. If you're going to be more than 10-15 minutes late, you may opt to come back another day.

-Turn off your Cell Phone: For reals. Nothing takes you out of your hard earned savasana like the "I'm a Slave for You" ring tone going on in your neighbor's purse.

-Take Off Your Shoes: No shoes in the studio! Gross!

-Don't Be a Mirror Hog: Be aware of mirror space, and try to avoid plunking down right in front of a fellow yogi, or otherwise hogging the mirror. All you need is a few inches.

During Class:

-Modify Appropriately: Be the master of your own practice, and by all means challenge yourself. Make the practice yours.

-Don't Fall on Anyone: That said, please don't fall on anyone. It's dangerous and not at all cool.

After Class:

-Try Not To Leave Early: But if you must, don't interrupt savasana for others.

-Thank Your Instructor: Respect your instructor by thanking her for guiding you through the poses.

-Give everyone sloppy kisses, heartfelt good byes, and loving booty-smacks!

Heh. That last one is optional. Maybe after you've had a few weeks of bonding with other yogis : )

And now, in case for some reason you ever need to change in public, here's a guide on how to change clothes after practicing yoga without inflicting on God and everyone the sight of your splayed buttocks.