Chasing Success

December 13, 2011 / Aaron

"…success can ruin people, because you have to chase it, and that can drive you insane. ... And when you start really chasing success, you start to make mistakes, and that's when things spin out of f***ing control."

Let that stew for a moment. The quote comes from Noel Gallagher (singer of the now broken-up, british band Oasis) in a profile of him I read last week. You know we at the YB love our music. Full disclosure: before you click on the link to the original story you should know that Noel Gallagher has a potty mouth.

His thought really strikes a chord with me. Sometimes we make rapid progress in our yoga (asana) practice early on only to feel like we slow down and make only incremental improvements thereafter. We might chase after poses. We might get frustrated. Sometimes we have only the goal my mind. The first time I ever attempted Scorpion (vrschikasana) in a class I collapsed in my low back and hurt it coming out. I spent the next three days laying as still as possible at home; I literally took a telecon at work in our conference room laying on the floor when I did go in. Chasing success, making mistakes, and spinning out of control? You betcha.

This doesn't just happen on the yoga mat. It's also about how you define success.  Appreciate the practice and it's incremental improvements both in body and mind. Don't miss the journey eyeing the end goal.

And just to remind you how awesome Oasis was, I'll leave you with one of their music videos ...