Holiday Yoga

December 22, 2011 / Aaron

I don't know about you, but one thing I hate about going out of town, even for something fun, is missing my yoga.

I know. First world problems, right?

Anyway. I've been at my parent's house since Monday, and have been vowing to not fall behind on my workouts. So, since I'm tragically far away from my beloved Yoga Belly, I'm going running with my nieces, nephew, and cousins. They are 5, 7, 10, 13, and 15, so my brother's calling me the leader of the munchkins. The younger ones will ride their bikes while the older ones run, and we run out to the high school on the edge of town to play tag, do some stretching, and of course, practice handstands. They're getting pretty good.

The other day, I taught them some sun salutations. Daisy, my youngest niece, was flowing with me, loving the feeling of reaching up into the sunshine, taking a big deep breath, and letting it all out as she folded down to touch her toes. She begged to keep going, long after the other kids had scrambled off to play.

"What is this called?" she asked, as we were stepping back into a lunge.

"Sun salutations," I said.

"What's salutations?"

"A salutation is a greeting," I said, "Like saying hello to the sun."

That seemed to satisfy her, so we kept going, and when she got tired we played around with headstand.


This morning, as the sun was coming up, Daisy crept over to my bed, still in her pajamas.

"Trissy," she whispered, "Get up, it's time for yoga... let's go say hello to the sun!"

That's the kind of holiday yoga I can handle.