From the Noobie: Yoga and Running

March 1, 2012 / Aaron


Before I practiced yoga, I ran. I loved it, but once I found yoga, I took some time off to really focus on my practice, and I'm only now getting back into running again. I started a few months ago, and... I still love it. It's exhausting, it feels so GOOD to just get out in the sunshine and GO, and run hard until your legs ache and you're sucking wind into the deepest parts of your lungs...

...until the next day. When you can hardly climb stairs. And you get to your yoga class, and your IT bands are so tight, you can't twist your elbow to your knee and retain consciousness. And your ankles are so shot that you can't balance in eagle or warrior three for longer than a nanosecond (and even that is generous). And your hamstings... well. Who knows where they are.

Now, I know I'm not the first yogini to bring some running into my routine. Apparently, that's how Jennifer Aniston stays so smoking hot. But my question is, is there a trick to balancing them both? How do you all do it? How long did it take before you felt comfortable doing both, to the point where you didn't think one compromised the other?