Meet My Guru, Linda McGrath

March 14, 2012 / William

It was six years ago when I first met Linda on the first day of my teacher training. I was soooo nervous that day. I remember thinking, who the hell do you think you are taking teacher training with just a few months of yoga experience under your belt?? And I knew I was way over my head when Linda asked us to introduce ourselves and to lead the group in a sun salutation... Sun what?? Lucky for me, my bff Melissa, who was also there taking the course, whispered in my ear:  You know, inhale arms up, exhale forward fold, etc.   So with conviction there I was introducing myself, leading the group in the most horrendous sun salutation I'm sure they've ever experienced. Well Linda, meet Will Cristobal, your yoga diva in the training.

Linda was incredibly inspirational to me from the start.  Every class she led was challenging, dynamic, and fresh...  Her playlist was always funky!  I will never forget one class where Linda was jamming "YMCA" on the stereo and asked the class to take goddess pose with arms in the air and do the YMCA with her!  "That's for you, Will!," Linda shouted.   And that's when I found my calling.  I took that moment and ran with it.  I have become the dance music and shake your booty yoga teacher ever since.

It brings me soooo much joy to have Linda join us at the end of this month for a fabulous fundraiser workshop and give our Yoga Belly peeps a sample of where some of us Yoga Belly instructors (including Aaron, Jennifer, Kristin, Melissa, Wendy, and myself) get the goods.

Hope you can join us Saturday, March 31st at 2pm for Linda's donation-based power yoga workshop.  All proceeds will go to Insight World Aid (

Next week:  Girl chat with Linda.