Forget what you've accomplished.

April 23, 2012 / Aaron

This past week we visited Paris, France. It turns out there's a lot to do there and on the last day we still had quite a list of things that we wanted to accomplish. On the other hand we were already exhausted having walked seven hours at Versailles the day before.

So what did we do? Well, we're not in Paris that often (go figure!) so we set an alarm, got up, and ventured off to mark things off the list rather than sleeping in and getting some rest. It completely backfired. We did one thing that took less than an hour and were so spent we had to come back home and lay down for a nap.

Once we got up from the nap, guess what we did? Took back off across the city. Guess what happened. It back fired again. In the end I hated the coffee that I went across the city for and decided that I already loved Zombie Runner in Palo Alto (shout out) that much more. The best gift for a friend was down the street not across town. Same goes for the best people watching. Annoying.

I was even more annoyed at the voice in my head saying, "sometimes you need to go through the journey to understand what's right in front of you." Stupid voice. I hate when it's right. We were trying to live it up and accomplish a lot but we forgot to soak it up. Svasana may be the reward, but soak up the journey to get there. Enjoy the existing pose rather than thinking about the next one. Forget what you've accomplished or didn't accomplish. Just show up. Everything else is a bonus.

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