Day 3: Yoga Belly 30 Day Challenge

May 4, 2012 / Aaron

Its Day 3 of the 30 Day challenge at Yoga Belly and nothing has gone the way I planned them to go today. I had planned to practice with Jimmy at the 12:30pm for lunch but meetings ran over and I couldn’t get out of the office in time to make it down to the studio. Which means I have to face Edna or Jeff on Day 3. I’m scared….its Day 3 and already I am ready for a nice Yin practice lol. Wheres an hour of non-jeated Yoga Belly when you need it. For this challenge I am pacing myself (in my mind). Slow and steady wins the race, I have no desire to pushed to my edge on the third day of a 30 day run of yoga. I call my homegirl Tiffany and tell her…lets go practice with Edna. Side Note: Tiffany IMs me at the beginning of the week to find out if we can practice together any classes during the week (We work at Symantec together on the same time, Tiffany = Love). Practicing with a friend is a slice of heaven. It helps you to not chicken out in the moment when your pushing yourself through a yoga class side by side with someone that is telling you “Do it!” I never know what to expect when I go to the studio. Stasha is running late and there is people waiting for the doors to open so I walk in and start to do check-in. I’m in the zone and doing my thing. In my mind I want to run but I am committed to being in the moment. I’m saying hello to the people I know…Manisha introduces me to her daughter, Leslie and I talk for a second. Tiffany and I are changed and ready to put our mats down. Where to go….Of course Tiffany wants to be in the corner where its hot….I cringe but put my mat down. Edna starts to do her thing and suddenly we are on the move. Twisting and turning and pushing and sweating and finding my edge. I’m lost in the moment, I look at the new girl in the corner who is a little lost and I want to tell her. Girl, you cannot be new and in the corner where it’s hard to see in an Edna Barr class. Being the true professional Edna is in the corner picking her up and helping her into Crow for the first time (Seemed like her first time, who knows). The joy on the woman’s face is priceless, I tell her,” …good for you, that’s awesome.” Edna’s classes are hard and you move quickly through poses so you have to have a working knowledge of Yoga to participate fully in the experience that Edna is creating for you….but Edna is fearless in her adjustments and she will walk over and put her hands on you and push you to your edge in ways you didn’t know were possible. You feel accomplished when you finish her class. I’ve lost 3 pounds to the floor in a puddle around my mat at the end. I wander around in a mindless yoga high while I get my things together. I see Jeff in the lobby getting ready for his class. I love Jeff. He has this naughty look in his eye that makes me want to tease him mercilessly but we are surrounded by people so we have a polite teasing exchange as we conduct business. I feel connected to his yoga practice when I practice with him. I’m saying goodbyes to my fellow Edna-ites and starting over greeting the new arrivals for the Jeff Lang experience. It’s the circle of life at the studio at night. I love Yoga Belly, I love the people…but I am hungry enough to rip someone’s arm off and eat it. I gotta bounce. Day 3 Yoga….check. It wasn’t pretty today…but it was worth it. Part of having a daily yoga practice is just getting yourself to show up. The battle is not always in the body, its mostly in the mind. There is more to yoga than just a workout. It teaches you to exercise discipline when keeping yourself healthy. Not just physical health but total health: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Social. The lessons you learn on your mat apply to all areas of your life. I’m here to practice yoga…. Everywhere.
Hang in there people, 27 days to go! You can do it.