Day 7: Yoga Belly 30 day challenge

May 7, 2012 / Aaron

Its Day 7 of the 30 Day challenge at Yoga Belly and we are back from our weekend excursion. Can I just say what a difference its like to practice yoga outside of Yoga Belly. We stayed at the Claremont for the weekend and the first thing we did was go and find out about the Yoga classes that they have at the Resort / Spa and decided to take the level 2 / 3 Flow class during our stay there. I think I have been ruined for what others consider an advanced class. Herdig was the teacher, a lovely woman in sixties who had us get a blanket, two blocks, a strap and a towel at the beginning of the class and I said to William, “oh boy, here we go, we are getting out all the toys for today’s class.” We started off in a seated position and slowly worked our way up to her standing series which included approximately two vinyasa’s a variety of forward folds and the peak pose of Triangle. Its not often that my ybbig Puerto Rican body moves through a level 2 / 3 class without breaking a sweat but it was a nice change of pace to really focus on the breathe and alignment in the poses. No music, no groaning. Straight up gentle yoga. As I write this I almost feel bad about even including this in my 30 day challenge but….gentle yoga is sometimes just what the doctor ordered. Its better than no yoga and it fits into my goals of 30 straight days of yoga. Day 5 and Day 6….check.
Cut to back at the Belly. I decide that Nikki Wong for some non-heated power is the class for me today. What a reality check on what I consider to be my go to Yoga. Even without the heater running I find myself struggling to find the breathe and keep up with the class 30 minutes into the class. Thank goodness that someone came into the studio and needed to speak to the owner 40 minutes into class. Just the well deserved break that Captain Struggles needs to sweat profusely while trying to serve excellent customer service in the lobby. As I returned to the last 10 minutes of class and come up from shivasan I was reminded by the lovely Ms. Moore that I didn’t complete the whole class and this will not count towards my goal of dominating the studio in the 30 day challenge. I smile on the inside knowing that sometimes…. You got to do what you got to do when you have a daily practice. Thank you Yoga Belly for continually challenging me not only in my practice but in my life. Good luck on Day 7 everyone and I hope that you are enjoying this amazing journey we are taking together as much as I am.
Much love,