Day 8: Yoga Belly 30 Day challenge

May 9, 2012 / Aaron

Its day 8 of the 30 day challenge and today I set my sights on Jeff’s Yoga Belly class. I’ve already stated my feelings about Jeff’s yoga practice. He continually surprises me no matter if its Tuesday night Yoga Belly or Thursday night Power or his Sunday morning Tune-up class, its labeled power but really he’s doing breaking out the lacrosse balls and getting playful. I never know what to expect. Yoga Belly is designed to start you on your back and slowly work your way into a standing series but leave it to Jeff to push me to my edge in the “beginner friendly” class. I chat with Courtney before class about the studio and she wants to know how long we have been in business and who are the amazing teachers that she needs to try since she is new to the studio. After I rattle off my list of favorite things about each of the teachers (cause I’m bias and we have handpicked each of the amazing teachers that help make Yoga Belly the amazing studio that it is) Jeff is ready to get started and 75 minutes later I am up from Shivasan and in that “yoga glow” in a puddle of my own sweat and feeling like I am ready to float away to heaven. I talk with Stan and Ton for minute. Float my way out to the lobby and see Therese….I have to tease her a little. She’s all about the win in the 30 day challenge and is not shy about commenting on the blog (which makes me smile). I tell her teasingly that she could be a bit more supportive to everyone else to which she informs me, “No, its about winning.” I smile in my heart to hear people taking their practice seriously and wanting “the win.” I know what its about (and so does Therese) but there is that thing inside of me that wants to be #1 (or #3 if your Lorraine, she informed me the other day she wants the 3rd place prize). It’s hard to break from our nature at times. I find myself falling into routines and habits, especially as I get older, and have to continually push myself to remain challenged in all aspects of my life. I want to grow, grow in my practice, grow as a person. Be the best me that I can be. For my family and for myself. Day 8….check, and it wasn’t that hard to get myself there surprisingly. The more I push myself to perform. The more I step up to the challenge. Hang in there folks….22 more days of transformation to go.

P.S. I had a flat tire after I left class and changed the tire in under 20 minutes. Whos serving Yoga macho realness? Thats right!