Day 11: Yoga Belly 30 Day Challenge

May 11, 2012 / Aaron

Its Day 11 of the Yoga Belly 30 Day challenge and I am back on the blogging bandwagon. I took Edna’s 4:15 class last night and let’s just say if 100% is maximum effort I probably gave Edna about 65%. I was distracted during her class and it took my about 3/4 of class to get out of my head and really onto my mat. I had dinner plans and a blog to write and people to check to see who came on Day 10. Fast forward to 2 Margaritas later I was turning down cocktails telling people. … “I have to do yoga tomorrow….no mas.” Like the faithful man that I am I woke up this morning and hauled my big butt over to the studio to take Thoa’s 7:15am class. Of course Stan and Anna are there and the first thing she says to me is, “ Where is the blog? I went to look for it last night and it wasn’t there.” Darn Tequila….a thorn in my side for many a year now. I practice next to Stan and Anna and at Day 11 they do EVERYTHING that Thoa tells them while I am dialing it down to my mighty 70%. The old Aaron would have pushed them over…the new Aaron stays on his mat and holds the course. I see Kathleen over in the corner coming up in Bird of Paradise on both sides…..Amazing. You all amaze me with the dedication that you have to your practice and the improvements that are coming in leaps and bounds. Truth be told….My intention for this 30 Day challenge is not to spend 30 days trying to power my way into arm balances. My intention is come out the other side more flexible and more dedicated to my personal practice. Its not about going balls to the wall in every class. For me it’s about spending time opening the body, being aware of how I am feeling in my skin and making the decision to go every day. Power yoga was not intended to be done every day. I was talking to Jeff last night about that very same topic and he was telling me in order to maintain a daily yoga practice you have to be aware of what your body needs, know when to back off and practice self massage. I feel like I am really dialing in to the first two. I’m going to try to figure out what he means and how I can apply the self massage to my daily practice. See if it makes a difference. Its Day 11 and yoga is done….check. Take care my friends and keep on keeping on. You’re almost at the halfway point.

Much Love,