Day 13: Yoga Belly 30 Day Challenge

May 14, 2012 / Aaron

Day 13 of the Challenge and its Mother’s day. I didn’t get to post on Day 12 since we had so much going on at the studio. We had a donation class to benefit Oakland Children’s Hospital led by Kevin Collins that was amazing / hard / beautiful. Whenever I have the honor of practicing with Kevin I am reminded that:
1. There is more to yoga than just the Yoga Asana practice.
2. Yoga doesn’t have to be complex in order to be powerful.
3. Yoga is for everyone, not just the skinny little yogi’s with 4% body fat.
His practice speaks to me on many levels, plus I have the honor of calling him a friend now. Will and I started off at YogaSource, Palo Alto checking in his Sunday night class so we have known each other for many years. His yoga studio Groove Yoga in Berkeley started a couple of months after Yoga Belly so we had a chance to get to know him and his wife Jen even better comparing notes and bonding over the life choice of starting a yoga studio.
After the workshop we had a Silent Auction for Livestrong put on by Team Spike. They showed up like an army to transform the studio and working to raise money for such a great charity. I’ve known the founder of Team Spike since 1998 so to be able to share the YB space to (hopefully) make the Auction / fundraiser even better was a delight.
Such a busy Saturday kept me busy and not thinking about the fact that mother’s day was on Sunday. I don’t have much of a relationship with my immediate family anymore since I came out to them a few years ago. My family has chosen to reject my lifestyle and not make a place for it in their lives. Holidays have been hard for the last few years and I have learned to create new traditions in place of the old traditions that I was raised in. I find my thoughts wander to my family everyday at some point and I have come to terms with the fact that sometimes love is not enough to make things work. Sometimes part of loving someone is letting them go and letting them live the life that they think will bring them the greatest joy and happiness. I love my mother more than I could express but she rejects my Yoga practice and lifestyle as demonic and so I must walk my own path in order to maintain healthy boundaries. These are lessons I do not speak of lightly but in the spirit of putting down the things that bind us and picking up the things that make a difference in our day to day walk. I mention them so that sharing with others will help to make my burden lighter on a day that feels a little heavy.
Ive learned that there is a place where I can go to take my troubles and it helps to make things better. Ive learned that I can go somewhere and forget about my worries and work through my issues. Its on my mat. I hope that if you get anything from Yoga Belly it is a place of refuge from lifes troubles. I hope that you know that you can go somewhere and you will be greeted with a smile and see friendly faces and you will leave feeling better than when you got there.
I’m sorry I was late in posting, there was a lot on my mind yesterday. Congratulations to everyone that has completed at least 13 classes in 13 days (Presented Alphabetically)
Chin, Nicki
Duong, Ton
Kalb, Kathleen
Moore, Lorraine
Novak, Stan
Petrochenko, Anna
Pimentel, Therese
Rostamian, Eli
Strojny, Katherine
Sun, Jessica
Van Schaack, Leslie
Viskic, Ines