Day 15: Yoga Belly 30 Day Challenge

May 15, 2012 / Aaron

Day 15 of the 30 Day challenge and we are halfway finished! Woohoo! Inhale your right hand into the air, bend at the elbow and place the flat of the hand in between your shoulder blades and tap three times. You deserve it…. 15 Days of yoga is quite a feat in my world. I’ve decide to take a note from my soul sister and guru Mary J for today’s blog: No more drama. I realize that I have been introspective the past few days and thinking my internal thoughts aloud. I walked into the studio today and I was listening to Jimmy tell Anne his drama and I said something even more dramatic to put some perspective on what Jimmy was saying and then I told Jimmy….Happy Yoga Jimmy. Happy Yoga. Its time I take my own sarcastic advice.
If you haven’t met or practiced with Jimmy his yoga is on point. He’s just this mellow guy with a phenomenal yoga practice. He is not a moody man, he’s just chill. He has this feeling of an old soul trapped in the body of someone with an 8 pack. I’ve been working to get Jimmy to start contributing to the blog since he is a private chef by day and yoga teacher by night. I’ve tasted his cooking and it is this off the hook unique spin on healthy living. I’m dying to get him sharing recipes for you folks. (Side note: See…. I am constantly thinking of ways to hook my YB Family up) Your going to see more about Jimmy in the coming weeks from us. He has a lot to give both on the mat and the way that he carries himself. I’ve been meaning to get into his class so that I can share with you all my thoughts on Jimmy but it hasn’t happened yet. Today was finally the day. I was going to go to his class tonight (he’s subbing Jeff’s YB class tonight) but an opening in my workday opened up and so I thought I would go sample some of Jimmy’s Hour of Power.
I like my Hour of Power to deliver a right cross right off the bat and work the body up until right before the end, slow it down quickly and throw me into a Shivasan. I want a lot of bang for my buck. We only have an hour, let’s do this. I have to say, it was pretty impressive. It started off slow but quickly started to move through a rigorous pace. I practiced next to my friend Bryan and we caught eyes a few times as we struggled together to get into this and that. It sure is nice to have a friend that is working beside you for a common goal. Makes the journey more bearable. I always try to practice next to a friend or if I don’t know the people around me I try to make conversation with them. Before I sweat on them or fling my block in their direction as I struggle to get myself into a supported pose, it’s nice to greet people with a smile. Sometimes you just have to turn to the person next to you and say….shit, this is hard. Then it’s like an elementary school yard giggle and it somehow lifts some of the burden during the practice. Happy yoga. We are definitely serving Happy Yoga here at the Belly.
I’m extremely proud of everyone that is participating in the challenge (including me). I see the numbers and the visit habits of everyone involved in the challenge and even though you can’t see them…there is a truck load of people that are just outside the postings that I do, of the people that have taken at least the number of classes as the day of the challenge. I chose to do it this way because I have no desire to get people to push themselves beyond their bodies limits in order to “win” yet I want to celebrate each others hard work.
This is my first time participating in a 30 day challenge and I must say. I have learned a lot about me, my practice and the habits with which I conduct myself. It’s definitely interesting to not only practice every day a rigorous practice but to write about your experience on and off the mat. I’ve learned through this experience that part of the experience of yoga is the journey to your mat. How you got yourself there. Just showing up has got to be in the top 5 most important things about having a daily yoga practice. I would encourage anyone and everyone to keep a journal about their experience in their practice. It’s pretty incredible and an insightful look at how you operate….Okay…I’m going to sign off before I get all Oprah on it.
Day 15…the halfway point…Yoga is done….check!