Day 17: Yoga Belly 30 Day Challenge

May 18, 2012 / Aaron

Day 17 of the 30 Day challenge and I intended on waking up and taking Williams 7:00 am class but on the morning that William teaches it’s my responsibility to get up and take the dogs for a walk and I was moving slow so it didn’t happen. We each went on our merry ways and I had a morning full of meetings so I went into the office early to get a jump on my day. After my morning meetings I went back to my desk and finally sat in front of my computer and that’s when I realized what had happened. Donna Summer had passed away. There are a few people that have played an important role in Williams life and Donna Summer was one of them. I grabbed my keys and went to my car and drove down to the studio to catch him after he finished teaching the 9:15am class. I arrived as it was ending and I was expecting to have to pull him off the floor and carry him to the car and drive him home. Someone had already texted him before his class and he was aware of what was going on. I spent a few minutes with him to talk about Donna Summer and reminisce about when we saw her in concert. He was okay (except for another sad phone call and instructions to pick up beer on the way home as we prepare for our Donna Summer goodbye life celebration tonight). My husbandly duties were fulfilled and I returned to work.
I thought a lot about my Uncle Gary today. He passed away when I was in High School. Growing up my entire family lived on a piece of property that had a main house (my grandparents lived there), a duplex (we lived there and my uncles family in the other one) a one bedroom house (my aunt lived there) and a studio (Uncle Gary lived there ). He was a gay man but as it goes in my family he came out and was sent away from the family and in order to come back to be a part of the family he had to renounce his homosexuality and embrace Jesus as his personal savior. He had a heart condition and was not the healthiest person physically so he was at times dependent on the family a lot. I can remember on the days that my grandparents would leave the house he would crank up the stereo and play Donna Summer records at full volume. The property would be filled with Love to Love you baby and Last Dance and all her hits. He would have been dramatically upset had he lived to hear of the passing of Donna Summer. He would have been around 54-ish if he was alive today. I remember his crazy laugh and his closeted softness with which he carried himself. As Donna Summer passes away another memory I share of him passes with her. Another reminder that life is precious and everyday is a gift.
I take myself to Edna’s 4:15pm class and prepare to spend my time on my mat in preparation for the evening of Disco Music being played in my home and the beers on chill waiting to tip a 40 to Donna. I appreciate every smile in the studio today. The strength in my practice. The rest when I need it. Day 17 yoga…..check!
Congrats to everyone that has completed at least 17 days of Yoga in 17 days (presented in Alphabetical order):
Chin, Nicki
Kalb, Kathleen
Mok, Stan
Moore, Lorraine
Novak, Stan
Petrochenko, Anna
Pimentel, Therese
Rostamian, Eli
Strojny, Katherine
Van Schaack, Leslie
Viskic, Ines