Day 22: Yoga Belly 30 Day Challenge

May 22, 2012 / Aaron

Its Day 22 of the 30 Day Challenge and I have so many things going on at the moment it isn’t funny. They have re-structured my group at my job and today was the big team announcement so I headed into the office early in order to attend in person and show my support to management for the new vision that is being presented. Change is not something that I fear and am excited regarding the possibility that this new structure holds for my corporate career. I took a new job at the beginning of the year and it has blossomed into more responsibility than I thought that I would be having to manage in addition to my responsibilities at Yoga Belly. Managing my career, owning a yoga studio, finding time to engage in my practice, being a husband, being a friend, having a family and as of late having to write a blog about my experiences has turned into a 7 day a week commitment. A lot of times in the past I have skipped my personal practice in order to complete my long list of daily chores that need to be taken care of. Lately as I prioritize my practice higher onto the list of things I must accomplish and sit down to reflect on the road that got me to my practice it has helped me to become more efficient and organized in order to take care of my person first and let the rest of my responsibilities fall into place. I look forward to finding the time to practice and make myself a priority. Its so easy to become complacent about my own personal needs when I am driven to please my boss, my family and the community of people that I serve at Yoga Belly. I’m learning more and more that in order to live a life of service you have to re-fill the tank and have something to offer others first and foremost. As I reflect on the last 22 days I have realized that there is a lot of drama in my life in areas that I had turned a blind eye to in order accomplish the things that I felt I needed to accomplish. I realize there is more there than I thought was there. A simple restructuring of my priorities has made a huge impact on the way I operate.
I was helping a friend of mine at work today trying to understand a problem that she was facing in her job and she was frustrated in her lack of understanding and began to cry. I stopped explaining the solution and we started to talk about how it okay to feel frustrated. Its okay to not understand. The only pressure that is reasonable is the pressure to bring awareness into our lives and bring ourselves into a place of understanding. Allowing ourselves to be understanding that we may not know everything so that we can absorb the knowledge that we are trying to obtain. I recognized that I have learned this lesson on my mat. It’s not about being able to do everything or not being in the kind of shape that I want to be in. It’s about making the journey everyday to a place where I can learn and grow as a person. If I compared myself to other yogi’s and their Asana practice it would be extremely disheartening that I am not “the best” after working on a yoga practice for 7 years. I am not the skinniest, most fit person in the room. Some people have it easier than others and are more naturally inclined to excel in their physical practice. I have to remind myself that slow and steady wins the race. Its not about how you succeed but the attitude with which you participate. The big picture is really about being in the right frame of mind in order to be the best me that I can be. To be in a frustrating situation and not be reactive. To understand the problem and set the intention of coming up with the solution.
I made myself a priority today and on a day that life was changing, and I was having to re-structure the way I do things, I found time to make it to my mat. I practiced with Jimmy today and he met me in the middle of a crazy day and guided me through an amazing workout. I re-set my intention for the day to accomplish all the things that I wanted to do. I left refreshed and invigorated in life and I was able to share my knowledge with someone that needed it and make a difference in someone else’s day. What a beautiful concept…Refill my cup in order to share with someone in need.
I just love Yoga Belly and I love the moments I share with its members and its instructors. Even when Leslie is telling me to not be chump and take the second lunchtime class… lol. I take on the responsibility gladly to work my job, own a yoga studio, practice yoga, be a family man and share with you all my journey through this 30 Day challenge. Day 22 yoga….check!
Much Love,