Day 27: Yoga Belly 30 Day Challenge

May 28, 2012 / Aaron

Its Day 27 of the 30 Day Challenge and we are so close to the end I can taste it. 27 days in and I am feeling fit and generally happy with my progress over the course of the last month. Today I woke up and decided to start my day by taking Jeff’s class. We have been making arrangements with Jeff to transition his Sunday morning class from Power to Yoga Tune-Up but have been delayed in making the switch officially on the website and on the schedule due to some delays in getting all the permissions in place since Yoga Tune Up is owned by Jill Miller. Jeff is the only certified Yoga Tune-Up instructor at Yoga Belly and with Fiona, Edna and Tim doing Power on Sundays and Barbara continuing to serve you up Yoga Belly we should have everyone’s needs taken care.
Big difference between Jeff’s Yoga Belly class on Tuesdays, Power class on Thursdays and Tune-up on Sundays. Sunday we spent a lot of time against the wall rolling out all of the issues that I spent putting into my body during the last 27 days. I’ve had this spot in my left shoulder blade that has been like a knot in my back and I have had this slight headache for the last few days. I’ve been trying to roll it out on my own at home between my lacrosse balls and my foam roller but apparently it pays to get training because today is the first day that it hasn’t been an issue in the last week. I’ve been learning that in order to maintain the high level of yoga workout at such an intense pace over the course of the last 27 days that a certain amount of maintenance is required in order to keep this body moving at optimal performance. You are more likely to find me stretching and rolling around against the wall in the evenings than ever before. There is also a significant change in my sleep patterns. I have been getting a deep restful sleep with clear dreams that I remember vividly when I wake up. Asleep by 10:30pm and up by 6:30am with no alarm clock. That’s about as good as it gets for a restful night’s sleep.
Thank you all for being patient with us as we get everything together to make the official switch on Sunday mornings. I noticed a lot of people doubling up classes taking Fiona and then having a little therapy at the 9:00am hour or getting your therapy and staying for a little core-gasm with Barbara at Yoga Belly. I hope that you are receiving fulfillment from your Yoga experience at Yoga Belly. William and I put a lot of time and effort in order to ensure that you have the best Power Yoga experience available. I am proud of everyone involved in the experience that is going on at YB. From the amazing instructors to the gracious check in team to the hard working cleaning crew. There are so many people involved in order to make your time at the Belly worth your hard earned money.
William and Edna have dedicated their summer weekends to training the next generation of amazing Yoga Instructors. We look to the future with a sense of hope and delight. Every day feels like an adventure worth taking when the endorphins fire up and you get that sweaty funky workout on. Hang in there Belly-ites….4 more days and we announce our winners in the very first Yoga Belly 30 Day challenge. Congrats to everyone that has taken at least 27 classes at Yoga Belly in the last 27 days (presented in alphabetical order):
Chin, Nicki
Diaconescu, Sorina
Duong, Ton
Kalb, Kathleen
Mok, Stan
Moore, Lorraine
Novak, Stan
Petrochenko, Anna
Rostamian, Eli
Strojny, Katherine
Van Schaack, Leslie
Much Love,