The Yoga Belly 30 Day Challenge Results are in!

May 31, 2012 / Aaron

The results are in and the winners of the first ever Yoga Belly 30 Day challenge are Stan Novak and Anna Petrochenko with 49 classes a piece. Nicki Chin takes 3rd place with a more than respectable showing of 43 classes. Honorable mention to everyone that completed the 30 Day Challenge:
Kalb, Kathleen 35
Moore, Lorraine 35
Rostamian, Eli 34
Diaconescu, Sorina 32
Duong, Ton 31
Mok, Stan 31
Strojny, Katherine 30
Van Schaack, Leslie 30

Amazing work to everyone that took the challenge and made it happen. You should be really proud of all the hard work that you put in. The yoga that we are serving you up in all the classes is designed to challenge you physically and mentally. To do 30 classes in a month is a serious amount of work. Take the day off…you deserve it!
Much Love,