July 18, 2012 / Aaron

I was reading an article in Inc. yesterday where a company paid extra money to its employees to go on vacation and completely unplug (no cell phone, no email, etc.). As in a real vacation. Taking a step back is incredibly important and the company sees value in taking that break. Here's a quote, "These anecdotes and articles paint a picture of a self-reinforcing cycle where we keep ourselves incredibly busy to distract ourselves from gnawing anxieties about life satisfaction, meaning, and purpose." I believe the underlying reason we are so busy is that because these types of gnawing anxieties are scary. We're scared what we might find under the surface and we believe them to be extraordinarily difficult to face.

Just because you practice yoga doesn't mean that you aren't approaching it in a way that makes it just another cog in the wheel of busy-ness either. Yoga can allow you to take a step back and provide the opportunity to self reflection, but you have to be open to it. It can start simply: work to create a safe place within yourself for all thoughts and feelings that come up in and after class. No matter what comes up welcome that with acceptance, patience, and tenderness for yourself. You are already a beautiful person, and that won't change.