One more Happy Anniversary message

July 30, 2012 / Aaron

For as long as I have known William for going on 11 years now whenever we have a party (which have been too many to count considering the amount of parties we have thrown) he likes to give a speech. I could write a novel on some of the more classic speeches that William has given in various forms of sobriety. My favorite being the “Let’s all be playful speech” as he sat on his dermatologist lap and gave a sweet dissertation to cosmetic surgery all of which he couldn’t remember the next day. Not only did he give the speech and command the room to stop speaking and pay attention but he went on for 20 minutes and when someone would interrupt he would stop and stare at them until they finished until all eyes were on him again. He terrorized the party so much that everyone left early by 8:30 and we were alone for the rest of the evening. I still make fun of him for that evening and so do our friends….I indulge him because I love him more than life itself. However, another fun fact about William is that if he doesn’t want to give a speech it defaults to me to give the speech and there is an expectation that I will deliver the people the appropriate “Thank you’s” & “Salutations” that people have come to expect from an A & W Party. It always starts with a pointed question of, “Did you want to say something?” and I have learned over time to just say yes and get it over with rather than having to hear 40 times well…don’t you think that we should say something to everyone….blah blah blah. Yesterday was one of those moments as 3 minutes into the first volleyball game of the day at our Yoga Belly 2nd Anniversary extravaganza I fell diving for the ball and sliced the tip of my big toe open and started to bleed out of the top of my toe. After the amazing TLC from Jen Bulik who didn’t want to look at it or help me out to stop the bleeding. I tried to tell William 3 times that I hurt myself and all he kept saying to me was “ We should do the giveaway...Do you want to say something? Are you going to make a speech?” Band-Aid on said foot and ticket basket in hand I thanked everyone for their time and dedication to Yoga Belly and pulled tickets for the give-away. What exactly did I say? Who knows in that moment. So I want to say to you all what I feel in my heart now.
Thank you to everyone that has been a part of the last 3 years of Yoga Belly. I say 3 years on our 2 year anniversary because we planned for almost a year to get ready for what Yoga Belly would become. We dreamed of a place where like minded people who were interested in living life to the fullest would come together to practice yoga and take their practice to the next level. A community of people that were friendly and knew each other’s names. Where people didn’t just walk in and place their mat down and not speak to anyone but a place where people cared, people took interest and people went to happy afterward when the situation demanded it (which in the case of William and I is about twice a week lol). When William and I speak about Yoga Belly we don’t say “our studio that we own.” We talk about the Yoga Belly family or the community at Yoga Belly. There is so much more going on than just a show brought to the people by the staff. It’s a sanctuary for the troubled, it’s a reprieve from the stresses of work and home, it’s a place to strengthen the body and mind, it’s a home away from home. None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the people that have taken to this concept and opened their lives to William and I and the dream that we had to share our lives with each and every one of you. The amazing teachers and staff whom we love, the volunteer staff who give their time and care enough to show up week after week and the people who practice and grow on their mats and in their lives before us. It’s so much more than I could have ever hoped to have in my life. I dreamed of a life where William and I could be together travelling through life with the freedom to do the things that we wanted to do but Yoga Belly is helping to expand my vision and want more for my own life than I ever dreamed possible and that would not be possible without each and every one of you that come and help to make the experience a magical, wonderful, amazingly beautiful place to practice and share in each others lives. Thank you for your gift of the last 2 years. Here’s to many more years together on this journey that we call life.
P.S. I had to share the picture of the cake that was amazing and made by my lovely Baker friend Billy. Apparently I was more concerned with making sure everyone had a beer rather than having cake because as most of you left I realized…I forgot to bring out the cake. William was too busy modeling Otelia’s skirt on the balance beam to concern himself with your sugary needs…Thanks again for an amazing day everyone!