Lululemon Ambassador Summit 2012: Visions, Goals, Declarations & Time for Relaxation (Day Two)

September 26, 2012 / William

On day two at the Lululemon Ambassador Summit, I woke up to the alarm my rommie David set for 6am.  We freshened, slapped on our fabulous Lululemon gear and trekked down to the 2nd floor for our 6:30am yoga class.  It was like being at the academy awards with ambassadors rocking their yoga attire with Lululemon mats and sports bottles in tow.  It was a beautiful sight to see: Everyone already had that yoga glow without doing a single surya namaskar (sun salutation).  I was sandwiched between roomie David and Holly Miller of Moksha Yoga through a sweet vinyasa class.  Towards the end I partnered with David, placing my hand over his heart, his over mine, and our eyes gazed at each other's giving fierce smiyes (smiling eyes) to one another.  And in sivasana, I am hanging onto Holly's hand.  So much tenderness so early in the morning.

Right after a hot breakfast with fresh scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, and fresh fruit, we all gathered in a fancy conference room to meet and to experience the magic of Susanne Conrad and Parker Pearson.  For this morning's segment, Susanne passed around the mic and wanted to hear from us.  "What do you want to get out of this week?  What would you like to take with you from this experience?"  Without hesitating, there I was with the mic:  Hi Susanne, my name is Will Cristobal from Yoga Belly in Mountain View, CA.  My hubby and I are planning our second studio that includes a boutique where we sell Lululemon products.  So basically what I'd like to find out this week is who at Luluemon I have to sleep with to make this happen."  Immediately the crowd LOL'd and I continued, "No seriously. Who would it be?"  Oh, the look on Susanne's face:  Priceless.  She pulled me to the front of the room for a bit of coaching:  In this plan, would the studio still open regardless what was in the boutique? And I said, "Yes, of course we would still open, it would just be nice to have Lululemon included in the plan."  And so lucky me, I did get a contact person at Lululemon who I can contact when I returned back home.  Word.

After a quick break, we all separated into groups to work on our individual "declarations."  There were two Lululemon coaches in our group who guided us through the process of creating declarations.  A declaration in Susanne's words: Provides a way to tie in who you are today that fulfills your future goals.  We had an amazing group chat and most participants shared.  We had a lot of laughs, some tears were shed, we spawned a lot of declarations.  After examining my own goals and visions, I have come up with my own declaration and it goes like this:  I embody success because I am open to possibilities, I love love, and I am fucking funny.

We were on our own for the afternoon to enjoy Vancouver however we wanted.  Some of us went for a spa treatment, while others road bikes around town, and some went shopping.  I chose to get a massage and facial at the Absolute Spa with fellow ambassadors.  I arrived a few minutes early to my appointment so I swam a few laps (okay at least eight laps) in their indoor pool, got my detox on in the steam room, got body work done for an hour and a half.  Just when I thought the pampering was over, they served me a fresh salad, chocolate-covered strawberries, a glass of champagne!  As I enjoyed the moment I had a chance to have a lovely conversation with fellow ambassador Kenna Kaklin from Edmonton, Alberta eh. Kenna, you are such a cutie!!

Dinner took place inside the Four Seasons, buffet style with lots of options to choose from for the vegans, the vegetarians, the pescatarians, and the rest of us. The spread and company were ah-maz-ing! What made dinner soooo memorable was getting to meet and to hear from one of Lululemon's finest Allison Forsyth.  Allison shared a moving story of her journey to winning an Olympic medal, dealing with a loss in her family, and realizing her dreams and goals.  I was sooooo moved by her story that I approached her as she left the podium and asked for a hug.  I told her I was inspired and I would love to bring that inspiration home with me.  Allison was also gracious enough to accept my friend request on Facebook.  I promise I won't stalk you Allison. Not a lot anyway.

I ended the evening with enjoying a nightcap with David at the bar one floor down in the fabulous Yew Restaurant.  We chatted about our experience of the last two days and both agreed to having the best times of our lives.  What a day...