Madonna Week here at Yoga Belly

October 2, 2012 / Aaron

Hey YB’ers…..Just a little PSA to let you know its Madonna-week here at my house. We have waited 8 months for this week to arrive and by “we” of course I mean William. I bought him tickets around Valentines for this VIP package that VIP Nation puts together with a private party for all the other Madonna (let’s call them for the sake of being nice) super fans. I unfortunately as the purchaser of this private event package must be in attendance to pick up our special tickets which guarantee us to be in the first 10 rows at the concert. I do this as a labor of love for my dear little husband who has very few needs in this life monetarily speaking. The reason that we have 90% of the things that we have in our home is because of my obsession with ordering from Amazon (It just feels like Christmas in July when you get a present delivered to your house of the blue). William however is a bit more frugal than I and doesn’t really “splurge” on much so I know when it’s time to see Madonna in concert I know that part of being a good spouse means going above and beyond what I want to do (which is stay home and watch MMA on pay-per-view and drink beers with my peoples) and make dreams come true. As we begin our approach into what I am assuming after having been forced to go to 3 previous concerts will be the gay-est show on earth. I want to share with you why (even though I haven’t attended any of the classes in person) you are forced to listen to Madonna in class as I am forced to listen at home in between talking about, going to the store to buy magazines where she is on the cover, lay in bed and listen to what amazing things that Madonna is doing now on (yes, unfortunately that is a real thing for all you true fans that need to know up to the minute what Madonna is doing). So, happy Madonna week ya’ll….enjoy!
Much Love,