Lululemon Ambassador Summit 2012 - Meet Designers, Be Social, Know Your Strengths, and Dance Your Ass Off (Day Three & Beyond)

October 3, 2012 / William

On day three at 6:30am we had three fitness choices to choose from: Crossfit, running, or yoga. I chose the one non-fitness event: Sleeping in. I slept in like a baby until 7:30am then I made pretty and headed down for a hot breakfast.  We had another busy day ahead of us including a breakout session with Lululemon designers, going into workshops, doing group yoga, then attend our closing dinner at the fabulous Brock House Restaurant.

I have been wearing Lululemon clothes for about seven years and never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would someday meet the people who designed them.  It was pretty surreal to meet the designing team and not just for meet and greet sake, but to actually hang with them in a group and have an open dialogue about their products.  Now as Ambassadors we take our roles pretty seriously so if you ask for our opinion, we will gladly give it.  In our group circle we shared our likes and dislikes about the product and provided a lot of feedback.  I asked for a wider selection for men, asked for men's accessories like headbands, when can we see practice pants that go passed the knees, stuff like that.  I can't wait to see what comes out of that session.

In the afternoon we got a chance to practice yoga again then attended small group presentations.  I chose to attend the "numbers" workshop (zzzzzzz, still couldn't get into it), working with my strengths (LOVED LOVED LOVED), and embracing social media (I would get tweeting tips from roomie David later).  Through these workshops I walked away with key valuable lessons:

1) I am truly not a numbers guy and I should really  leave this to the experts.

2) That Twitter is my friend that can help me spread the word about Yoga Belly.

3) Continue to do the things that make me feel and come alive and not worry so much about my strengthening weaknesses. (See point #1.)

I felt, and continue to feel, empowered by these workshops to this day!

To wrap up our summit, Lululemon went even bigger with an elegant dinner at the lovely Brock House Restaurant.  It was the perfect setting where we enjoyed picturesque views, lovely sunset with the beautiful backdrop of downtown Vancouver. We all went balls to the wall taking pics of each other here and there, by the water, by the tree, group pics, pics with Lululemon team, pics with the restaurant crew...  Girl, I took a pic with everyone!  Oh and the drinks kept coming, from wine to champagne, to several Kokanee's, the popular Canadian beer eh. Thank God dinner was served shortly as I was getting my crunk on. Yummy buffet style served up complete with dessert. And the drinks kept coming.

Our awesome emcee Dave gave a heartfelt speech and acknowledged his Lululemon team for all the hard work to make the Ambassador Summit possible.  We also gathered around to enjoy a video that they shot throughout the week. It seemed the night just got better and better, more and more emotional, with so much love in the air. And before you know it, the DJ slapped on Rihanna, turned up the volume, and dinner time was officially over.

A handful of us started a dance circle and it grew and grew.  We moved a few tables out of the way but the dance party just kept growing.  Soon our dance party had moved to the patio where there was more room to shake our booties.  Mister DJ kept slapping on the hits from hip hop to house music and the crowd, including myself, went wild.  The party was going so strong that our bus waited 30 minutes extra for us to get it out of our system before driving us back to our hotel.  Evidently, Lululemon peeps just loves to party rock!

The next day, I awoke at 6:30am and was determined to join MC Sweet as she led us through a vinyasa class.  It was a smaller group this time, making our moment together intimate and special.  What was so awesome about this session was right after MC led the class, we all stuck around and shared our sequencing and transitions secrets with one another.  We yoga nerded, so to speak, and showed each other "flashdance," "shoot the duck," "parsaritta flow," and secrets to coming up to baby bakasana and modified handstand. I plan to continue this style of group work with my fellow teachers at my studio.


Well folks, there you have it:  My three memorable days with my peeps at Lululemon. I met so many, learned so much, walked away with plenty to chew on for the rest of my life. It may have been three weeks ago that I was in Vancouver relishing in the good times, but I am still feeling the high today.  I am grateful for the opportunity and hope I can provide the same inspiration and light to others from here on out.  And Lululemon you are right: You are more than a stretch pants company, you guys are love. Thank you again for letting me be a part of your world.

Enjoy: Lululemon Ambassador Summit 2012 Dance Party at Brock House Restaurant