Madonna and Me: 30 Years and Counting

October 9, 2012 / William

I remember it so well. I was at a friend's house party for New Year's Eve of 1982. 15 years old and yet I was hammered dancing my ass off. The DJ goes in the mix and spins a funky dance track I've never heard before. (Note: I have been clubbing since I was 13 so I was no stranger to dance music.) I loved the track so much that I asked the DJ what the song was and he told me it's "Everybody" by Madonna. I wrote that shit down and bought the record the week after. Because I was a mobile DJ myself, I had to buy two copies of "Everybody' coz every DJ knows we need two copies of hit records so we can start the song over and over so dancers can get down on the dance floor. And in a few months, this new artist Madonna would come up with another dance single called "Burning Up" and yes, I would get two copies of this as well.

Since then Madonna released her very first album that launched the hit singles "Holiday," "Borderline," and "Lucky Star." A year later she released "Like a Virgin," went on tour, and my life, and I'm sure Madonna's too, would never be the same.  I would buy every record, see every movie, buy every magazine she took cover page, recorded every interview, and saw every concert that I had access to...

But this blog has less to do with being a super fan but more about finding inspiration. Before the "boy toy" image, before Vogue, before discovering yoga, Madonna already had a lot to offer to anyone willing to listen. Her message has always been the same to this day: Treat everyone with love and respect while appreciating your own uniqueness. We are all here to shine and to love one another. This is what I get when I hear her music or watch her perform.  This is the same message I put out there when I teach a class or spend time with people.  So now when you hear me play Madonna in class, know the intention behind it.  I am inspired to connect with as many people as possible and to share the love I feel inside.  And I hope everyone I love is putting this out to the universe with me.

Thank you for 30 wonderful years, Madonna!

Vogue with Madonna, Will, and Aaron