BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: April Team Challenge

March 18, 2013 / Aaron

YB Team Challenge

This challenge will be the biggest giveaway yet for Yoga Belly. Winners of the April Team Challenge will be whisked away for an all-inclusive weekend May 9 -12 filled with food, yoga and fun. Second place finishers will win a shirt and mat courtesy of Lululemon. Third place finishers will receive a free 30 day pass to Yoga Belly for unlimited Yoga classes. Registration is free, simply go to the check in desk and register your team anytime between March 20th and March 31st. Everytime your team practices together during the month of April sign in at the front desk in the registration book and receive a point. Team with the most points at the end of April will be placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd. In the event of a tie, winners will be drawn at random. Don't forget to come up with an awesome team name since we will be tracking the winners in the studio. Best of Luck YB Family...and may the best!