April's "Hunger Games" Team Challenge

March 28, 2013 / Aaron

April Team Challenge

I woke up this morning and crawled out of bed with conviction. As I walked downstairs and grabbed my yoga clothes from the dryer and put them on, I went to the 7:15am Yoga Belly class with Anne Jelinek to meet my teammate Tiffany for a morning class. I figure since Big Daddy's Angels will primarily be practicing yoga as a team in the morning I should probably squeeze in a few morning classes before the challenge actually starts. I’m not usually a morning yoga person but when you are trying to coordinate 4 peoples schedule some sacrifices must be made. It took me a week to find a team and a week to coordinate everyone’s schedule. I now know the exact number of classes that I will be partaking in the challenge and have pre-registered accordingly. Team pictures were taken and published. Let the April Challenge begin!
I’m excited to find the strength to haul myself to my mat. I haven’t had the most motivated 6 months and it is a phenomenal feeling to be responsible to other people and force myself to do what I know will make a huge impact in my health, general mood and life. Its amazing to me that the simple fact of responsibility of letting people down is all it takes to get me beyond…me.
One of the things that make Yoga Belly such a beautiful space to share your practice in is the support and love that is felt in the smiles and warmth that exudes from its community. I hope you will excuse us as we clash in a Hunger Games-like fashion to compete for the title of Mr/Mrs April Team Challenge. Niceties will resume in May.
Happy Hunger Games in April everyone! And may the odds be ever in your favor.
P.S. There is still time to form your team and compete in the challenge. The prizes are amazing and may the spirit of competition inspire your practice to the next level. Team Challenge starts Monday. Dont make me erase your early entries from the log book by trying to sign in for classes over the weekend.....Right Team Awakening? lol