Yoga Bellys newest employee

August 7, 2013 / Aaron

Chase your dreams


It’s been a while since I have written anything. 2013 has turned out to be a whirlwind of experiences around Yoga Belly and the Cristobal-Goodnow home. Between the decisions to adopt, the opening of Yoga Belly San Jose, CA, breaking my ankle, Jen and Jeff, a number of changes around the studio in Mountain View and my impending lay-off from Symantec it has been a myriad of twists and turns. With so many topics to choose from, where to begin. I should probably start with my impending lay-off from Symantec and my dive into self-employment so you finally can understand why I have free time to write this blog.

I say impending lay-off because technically I am still employed through the end of September even though my last day in the office was toward the end of July, in California you have to give 60 days’ notice when a lay-off occurs. As the final round of lay-offs occurred in Symantec’s big re-org there was a series of events that happened that lead me to believe that my time was coming to an end. With the lay-off of my boss on a Monday and me breaking my ankle that Thursday and being out of the office for 7 weeks prior to the final cut, the writing was on the wall for my future with Symantec.

I have to back track for a second and tell you that many many years ago when I was dreaming of a life together with William I had this vision of a life of self-employment where there was bound-less freedom to do what we wanted, when we wanted and with the means to do so. William quit his job and we opened Yoga Belly and I continued to work for THE MAN. This worked well for us because I was able to support us as we started up our business. We continued to thrive as we learned how to run a yoga studio and create the type of environment that we had hoped to establish. Light on tradition, heavy on workout with an emphasis on community. This was because of that decision to stay with Symantec.

3 and a half years later of working two full time jobs and opening up Yoga Belly San Jose, CA the universe has been screaming at me to stop working at that pace that I have been living for quite some time. Bell’s palsy, illness, being out of shape, breaking my ankle etc. etc. etc. I’ve tried to leave Symantec twice but I have been unable to pull the trigger on a six figure salary and say to myself and my family, “I don’t need this in my life, I am going to pursue my passions in life.” So finally the universe takes matters into its own hands and makes the decision for me and blesses me with severance and benefits for another year to give me the time and space to do whatever it is that I need to do to put Aaron Goodnow into the place that I need to be in.

What does that mean? Well today it meant that I went to the refrigerator and emptied the entire thing and cleaned it out and threw out all the old bottles of Mustard. Sounds silly but I am trying to teach myself to live life at a different pace. To find inspiration and react to it. I had planned to take Yoga at 9:15am with Barbara and meet with Cady afterwards to go through the curriculum for the new teacher training program, go install the shelves at Yoga Belly San Jose and come home and cook dinner for our friends Matt and Melissa who are coming over for dinner. The old Aaron planned every minute of every day and knew what he was doing for the next few weeks.

The new me is learning how to listen to his inner guide, to be in the moment and enjoy where he is right at this moment. To stop what he is doing and write out his feelings rather than doing a to-do list that is self-imposed. I’m challenging myself to be present and available. Sounds a little cliché but after years of working at a pace that most don’t I am retraining myself to live the life that I dared to dream of. Walking in the reality of your dreams is sometimes just as scary as daring to dream them in the first place and taking those first few steps.

It feels like I am starting over. The world is my oyster and I must challenge myself to find the hidden pearls of my new life. I have ideas and dreams for the next step for Yoga Belly but first I have to figure out what ideas and dreams I have for myself. I could have tried to throw myself back into the work force and find a better job but where is the fun in that. Why not take a chance on me and push myself to take myself personally to the next level. Our good friend Rebecca Bara was at our house last night and as we were talking I was doodling on a piece of paper and made this old woman’s face with curly hair and a smile. One of my go to doodles (why, I have no idea, I can also make a pretty bitchin clown) that I usually don’t think anything of and Rebecca said, “that’s really good, what are you doing to develop that artist talent.” It triggered thoughts of my own dreams that I had long forgotten to develop an avenue of artistry to express my inner thought process. It made me think of the days that I dreamed of writing professionally and kept journals to document my experiences for the book I would one day write. Long forgotten dreams of my youth that were tossed by the wayside to pursue wealth can now be dusted off and revisited.

That’s where I am at today, in case anyone was wondering…. Aaron Goodnow, Occupation: Self-Employed; dreamer, husband and soon to be father.

Much Love,