State of the Union Address

January 29, 2014 / Aaron

I haven’t sat to write much since my birthday and turning 40. After such a public declaration of truth in my life it’s taken a moment to adjust to my new existence. I meant when I said I am putting down the issues that have held down my mindset and picking up a new mantle. It’s amazing how when you set a public intention and invite a new path to materialize in front of you how the universe conspires to meet you on your journey. Privately I have been speaking to people that will listen about understanding the difference between your feelings and your truth. You can choose to react to different circumstances that arise out of how you feel or you can sit in the seat of self and recognize those emotions and evaluate them as either Feelings or Truth.
It’s funny how yoga is a reminder of the state of the union when it comes to health. A holistic sense of health; mental, emotional, spiritual, social and physical. We focus on the physical at Yoga Belly to provide a conduit for change. Decisions are made from a community standpoint in order to enforce the other aspects of health and wellness. Hopefully over time an awareness of a personal practice will develop a skillset that will translate to other aspects of your reality. The lessons I have learned on my mat have applicable life lessons associated with them.
Setting Intentions, Walking in Awareness, Careful Transitions, Dealing with yourself to bring yourself to your mat every day, Mental Discipline and Dealing with external stress…. To name a few. How will you apply your Asana practice to develop a sense of self that translates to living your best life off the mat? How will you choose to deal with yourself and extend a sense of self-awareness?
For me, I’ve made a couple of changes to assist me on my way:
1. I’ve started to teach yoga again.
I will develop a style that is unique to my own experience. It doesn’t matter what the laundry list of excuses is that inhibit me from returning to the mat and guide people through a practice. I have something to share. I will say kind things to myself for taking the time to prepare a path for people to journey with me on the mat. I will work on deepening my own understanding so that I will give from a place of sincerity and not allow my own insecurities to inhibit my personal growth
2. I’ve started the largest home construction project of my life.
I am re-doing the roof in the San Jose practice space so that I can walk in and be proud of our home for our San Jose community. I can’t help that I broke my ankle and got side-tracked. It is what it is and it’s time to move on. No living in regret for opportunity lost.
3. I’m resolved in my heart to see this through.
I have questioned my decisions in how I choose to live my best life today. My feelings have told me about the scary truth of this reality. I may have to change how I live my life. By choosing to not return to my corporate career and focus on the development of the Yoga Belly community there are some scary truths in front of William and I. The fact is that we opened a new studio and we are spending more than we are making at the moment. The fact is I believe that living my life in service to a work that is bigger than myself is my own personal destiny and I will see it through to the end. My truth is greater than the emotions that build up, I refuse to make decisions out of fear but out of the belief for the work I am doing.
I believe in public declaration, hide it under a bushel…No. I will choose to live life on the terms I have set for myself. I will call into being a reality that is full of love, light and laughter. I will pursue my dreams and be un-waivered in my resolve for growth. I will love those that choose to walk this life with me. This is my personal state of the union.
How will you choose to share your truth? How will you choose to interact with the world around you? How will you choose to love the people that you share this journey with?

All my love,