Let's Take a Selfie

March 27, 2014 / William


I'm not sure if y'all noticed but Yoga Belly is sooo big on posting selfies & taking pics of our lovely yoga community. So in the month of April we thought: Hey gurl, why not make taking selfies a challenge for our students and award one lucky winner (one for each location) free yoga coz that's how we roll?

Okay so in the month of April 2014, we present to you our very first Yoga Belly Selfie Challenge #yogabellyselfie. The rules are simple: Take a fun selfie in your Yoga Belly gear---it doesn't have to be a gnarly yoga pose---something that "pops" and stands out. Then simply post it on Yoga Belly Facebook page, write where you took the selfie, slap on #yogabellyselfie and hit "Post." Our hope is that your pic gets hella "likes." The selfie with most "likes" wins 2 consecutive months of free yoga. Yes, it's that simple.

Here are the deets of the challenge:

You gotta be wearing a Yoga Belly shirt in the selfie and the YB logo must be at least 80% visible, give or take.

You gotta take the selfie somewhere in Mt View (for YBMV Facebook) or San Jose (for YBSJ Facebook).

You can submit up to 4 pics (once a week only please).

Selfie challenge takes place April 1st to April 30th.

Most "likes" on FB will be tallied then winner will be announced by May 5th.

Yoga Belly students only can participate in challenge (sorry YB team, you are out).

There is no sign up or formal registration required for this challenge.

To help you participate we are offering Yoga Belly brand shirts at 50% off this weekend from 3/28-3/30. Get yours while supplies last. Limit one shirt per participant. We have a limited supply so please play nice.

Please send any questions you may have to info@yogabellystudio.com.

And check out this cool pic of Aaron, Josh, Mayor of Mountain View Chris Clark, Carina, and Will taken at City Hall of Mountain View #yogabellyselfie.