Goodbye Power Yoga... Hello YBX!

July 30, 2014 / Aaron

Hello YBX

We hope this blog finds you happy and healthy and living your most satisfying life today. It’s been a while since we blogged anything and now we want to share in detail the upcoming changes that you can expect to see at Yoga Belly. We just returned from a 3-week road trip and took some time to have conversations around next steps for Yoga Belly. As a result of these conversations, we have decided to remove Power Yoga from the schedule and replace it with a new class called YBX effective August 1st, 2014.

YBX is a fusion style yoga class that combines the physicality of a yoga class with the influence and style of other forms of physical training. Each class varies in style and influence based on the instructor and his/her experiences. YBX offers the following in classes:

• An exploration of all the yoga poses fused with other influences from other schools of physical expression

• Heated to 85 – 90 degrees

• Music

Teaching yoga is an art. It is an experience that is crafted by the instructor that plays on their strengths and variety of experiences that have lead them to the practice. We have strived to make choices with instructors who come from a variety of backgrounds and influences over the course of the last 4 years: Vinyasa, Power, Flow Yoga, Martial-Arts, Crossfit, Dance, Boot Camp / Personal Training, Running, Swimming, etc. All of these experiences translate to the mat through movement, sequencing and inspiration that plays through the practice. We are lifting the veil off Power Yoga and the expectations that come with this style of yoga and freeing ourselves to explore the art of workout through movement, with yoga playing a core foundation of the movement on the mat. We will explore the freedom that comes with this change as we develop a methodology around YBX and these next stages of development at Yoga Belly. We will be updating our teacher profiles to reflect this change and set expectations for people in regards to the instructor’s background, influences, style, music and presentation. We are going to explore the limits of this art of movement and expression using yoga as a tool in our repertoire.

Yoga Belly (the class) is the place for people that are new to the practice, need to explore a stronger core or returning to the practice. Yoga Tune-up is where we fine tune the body in order to maintain a higher level of physicality in our practice. YBX is where we explore the full expression of the practice and challenge ourselves on a path of exploration and openness.

In the next coming months you will see updates and exciting announcements as we move forward and evolve into the next stages of the journey together. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to us at and we will be happy to address them.

Warm Regards,
Aaron & Will