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Monday Manifesto: Worth It

September 26, 2011 / Aaron

Inspiration: Learn

September 23, 2011 / Aaron

Happy Friday all!

Rick Mereki spent 44 days taking 18 flights to 11 countries, and his videos make me want to grab my passport and take the next plane to anywhere. Aren't the images inspiring?

Potty Humor: For your Inner 14-Year-Old

September 22, 2011 / Aaron

Disclaimer: I spend most of my day with teenagers. I am not to be trusted on YouTube.

Watch at your own risk!

Spirit House

September 21, 2011 / Aaron

What an amazing weekend to kick off our first in a series of Weekend Getaways featuring your favorite Yoga Belly Instructors. Thank you to everyone that came out and honored William and I with their presence at the Spirit House. Located just 30 minutes North of San Francisco it was a quick drive away but it felt like being whisked away to another world. Located on top of a hill, the Spirit House is overlooking a rolling valley, we dined on catered food provided by Barefoot Café located in Fairfax, Ca. William kicked off our weekend with a Yoga Belly class. Everyone came back from the Yurt sweaty and ready to jump right in to Happy Hour. You know how a glass of wine after a yoga class is, okay!?!? By the time dinner arrived I was in the kitchen getting things ready and conversation had swelled to an intense level of laughter and getting to know each other. This set the pace for the coming days…. Food, Yoga, , Happy Hour, Games, Laughter, Sleep, Hot Tub….What a weekend! At the beginning of the weekend we let everyone know to “take what you need with you.” The weekend was designed to be a balance of yoga, relaxation and party. We had hoped that it’s was just what people needed to recharge the soul before going back to their normal lives. It was up to them to be self aware and participate where they saw fit and rest when needed. I think we accomplished this and more. Thanks again everyone that came out and made the event such a huge success.

Reminder: Schedule Changes Take Effect This Week

September 21, 2011 / Aaron

I wasn't the only one who showed up yesterday at 11:40 and had that forehead-slapping moment of "Oh yeah! I'm 30 minutes late!"

I was in good company, but in case any of you are in danger of repeating my scheduling mistake, don't forget that the schedule changes Will and Aaron emailed us about are taking effect this week. The website has NOT yet been updated, so don't let that fool you! The live schedule is updated and accurate, so please refer to it when planning your workout. The website is soon to follow.

Happy Hump Day!

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Monday Manifesto: Timing

September 19, 2011 / Aaron

Sometimes it feels like I'm late for something every day of my life... I spend a decent amount of time running around like a chicken with my head cut off, and no, the irony of rushing to yoga so I can relax does not escape me. And running around on weekends! Oui. Crazy talk.

Though I feel late, sometimes I'm. Not. And when I am, who. Cares. Deep. Breath.


What's In Your Blender: In the Kitchen with Matt

September 16, 2011 / Aaron

Hello lovelies!

Today, in what is now officially the last half of September, we conclude our summer "What's In Your Blender" series. We've gotten some tasty, healthy recipes from our instructors, and we're going out with a bang. Mr. Matt Sharpe, NASA-brainiac-turned-yogi, shares his smoothie recipe with us:

"Here's my recipe for making smoothies...
1. Ice - duh.
2. 1/2 to 1 whole banana
3. 4-6 strawberries - keep the leaves on, they're edible and contain vitamins. Only eat them if they're fresh and green.
4. plain, vanilla, or strawberry/banana yogurt (single serving or 6 oz)
5. dash of OJ, or honey as an extra sweetener."
Blend until smooth and enjoy!
And with that, happy Friday everyone! Jeff and I are off to go represent YB at the LinkedIn Health Fair today... which means we're doing yoga in front of people, eeps! Though, luckily, Jeff is primarily responsible for rockin' the yoga, I'm just supposed to babysit and make sure he doesn't cuss too much.
Have a great weekend!
xoxo, T

Apparently, September is Yoga Month. Who Knew?

September 15, 2011 / Aaron


Well, I totally missed the boat on this one. Sorry guys. But yes, it's true, September is Yoga Month, and Yoga Journal is celebrating with a 7 day Fall Ayurvedic detox.

Wait. Celebrating with a detox? That sounds miserable. Yet, you heard right, my friends. If you can get through the first three days, you're home free. And, you'll probably feel amazing.

The rest of the yoga world started suffering, I mean detoxing, on Monday, September 12th. By this time, they're probably all feeling lighter and calmer and sexier, but it's not too late to start if you're into doing a little pre-holiday damage control.

Feeling up to it? Start with the Dosha Quiz. If you don't know what this means, don't worry, they walk you through everything. I'd never even heard of Dosha until 15 minutes ago, but now I'm ready to holla at my fellow Pitta-Kaphas. It sounds like a sorority, we should make sweatshirts or something.

So fresh and so clean clean!

Serious Business: Slurpee Sangria Task Force

September 14, 2011 / Aaron


You guys.

A little bird told me there's a place in Mountain View that has slurpee-style sangria. We know it's not at Cascal. But we. Must. Find.

I think it's high time for a Yoga Belly happy hour. So, I propose some serious business: Let's put together a task force. A fearless, valiant team of yogis and yoginis who can brave the MV bar scene and report back with their findings.

Your mission: Find this elusive slurpee sangria.

Then: We sweat it out, YB style, and then go get drinks. And then summer is complete.

Any takers?



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Eye Candy: Paddle Board Yoga

September 13, 2011 / Aaron

Last weekend, I joined some friends for a mini-vacation at Big Bear Lake and got my first taste of Paddle Board Yoga. It's pretty self-explanatory, you just practice yoga on a paddle board and try not to fall off-- it forces you to balance, and practice deliberately, rather than sloppily. It is, to put it mildly, challenging.

But so, so beautiful! And, if you don't mind some swimming with your yoga, it's pretty fun.