Frequently Asked Questions

Bring it.

Bring your mat and a towel (rentals available when needed), water bottle or buy bottled water in our fridge, and maybe a change of clothes for after coz you’re gonna be sweaty after class - we promise. Oh! And don’t forget to bring your yogi mojo too!

The Duds.

Slap on some secure athletic wear that will be suitable for some sweet hardcore movement and deep stretching. Ooo la la.

Personal Effects.

We’ve got cubbies to hold your personal belongings in the back of the practice space. Please help us keep the lobby clutter free and use the storage space provided.

Psst! Don’t forget to turn off your cell phone and remove your shoes before entering the practice space.

Baby it's warm inside.

To make your muscles loose and happy, our studio gets warm to a nice tropical 90 deg. Get ready to sweat it out and detox that hot bod!

Props please?

We will hook you up with all your block and strap needs.


Since you will be sweating your asanas (poses) off in class, a full size towel on your mat will help you from turning your yoga mat into a slip ‘n slide. Bring your own towel coz you’ll need it! If needed, you can always rent one from us.

The H2O Question.

Keep hydrated! Before you bust your butt in class drink lots of the good stuff and then small amounts during the class, and then plenty post yoga class too. Bring your own water bottle & grab some nice cool water from our lounge or buy one from our fridge.

Hey Mr. DJ put a record on.

Every teacher cranks out their own specialized playlist of tunes to get you and the class bumpin.

Not so hot for teacher?

Not feeling it for a class with a certain teacher? Not a problem! Try another one, we have a great variety of teachers who all bring their own unique flava, one of which you’re bound to connect with. Give every teacher a second shot as there are so many factors that go into making that magical yoga experience. You may be surprised how well we do the second time around.

Body's got a boo boo.

If you have a health concern or injury it’s always best to consult your health care provider before beginning yoga. When you join us for class just be sure to let the teacher know so they can provide you with the necessary modifications. We want to help not hinder our boo boo after all.

Will my baby belly be ok?

If you are pregnant always play it safe and check with your health care provider first, and be sure to let the teacher know before class, but many hot yogi-mommas-to-be practice till full term when they already have an existing practice.

Look, don't touch.

At times during class our teachers may offer an adjustment to your form as we are a touchy-feely-we-wanna-give-a-hug kind of studio. They are experienced and certified and aren’t trying to get frisky with ya, but might be helping out to prevent injury or assist you to go deeper into a pose. Don’t want to be touched? That’s OK! Let us know and we will respect your wishes.