Aaron Goodnow

After several years of practicing yoga then opening up Yoga Belly, Aaron chose to take his journey further and earned his 200-hour yoga certification. Standing at 6'2, Aaron has always described his practice as "big boy yoga" and proudly represents those who may think they are inflexible, unable to touch their toes, or simply feel they don't fit the mold of the yogis. Breaking all stereotypes, you can find Aaron teaching the most advanced inversions and arm balances (could someone say eka pada koundinyasana?), to coming up for upward facing bow (aka wheel), to throwing down the basics in the signature Yoga Belly classes. Aaron believes everyone can move with grace and ease through the practice based on his own efforts in getting into those binds, arm balances and inversions that he's learned along the way. He invites you to check out his classes and experience purposeful movement, personal awareness, self-love, and determination of spirit. And slap on some of the coolest 90's hip hop & pop hits, you got yourself an Aaron Goodnow experience. In his own words: Whatever you do, I encourage you to add yoga to your life. As we grow older we are in a use it or lose it type situation with our bodies in how we move through this life. Embracing movement and the power of breath into your existence will propel you to another level throughout this lifetime. The yoga practice is a journey of a lifetime and it begins with taking that first journey to your mat and being willing to participate. I invite you to practice with me and share in that journey together.

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Adam Sewell

Adam has been involved professionally in the wellness industry since 1990, once owned his own fitness center in Colorado, and has written several fitness manuals. He has trained various "special populations" from children to para-Olympic athletes to seniors. Having spent many years training with Billy Blanks, training in TaeBo and Karate, Adam spent years focusing on martial arts style fitness programs but has now gravitated to Tai Chi and Yoga for his own personal fitness/wellness training. He practices Tai Chi for health and as a martial art. Adam's original training in Yoga came via Dao Yin and Iyengar Yoga, which he used to rehabilitate a back injury. He received very strict Iyengar training without the usual props commonly used in that style. He has also practiced Yoga with John McAfee, the yoga guru and creator of McAfee software at his Relational Yoga Mandiram in the mountains above Colorado Springs. Adam's self-described teaching style is to "keep your ego out of the studio and just have fun with your students," which is why he calls it 'playing' Yoga. He is quoted as saying, "I'm not a teacher. I just play Yoga... some people follow."

Being an animal lover, Adam enjoys supporting various international animal charities and can frequently be found chatting with dogs on the streets of Los Gatos where he currently resides.

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Andrew Goldberg

Andrew first attended Yoga Belly on a dare to venture outside his comfort zone in the gym. He was so impressed by the quality of workout and community engagement that within a month he joined the check-in crew and within a year completed Yoga Belly's teacher apprenticeship program.

Andrew brings to his class a diversity of experience. He has finished his doctorate degree in clinical psychology with a focus on mindfulness and stress reduction. Andrews background makes his classes rhythmic, psychically elevating and physically challenging. His instruction provides students the opportunity to identify their boundaries and extend them a little farther. Most importantly, students are encouraged to have fun and hopefully take their practice off the mat and out into their daily lives.

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Barbara West

Barbara came to Yoga through the health and fitness doors of various gyms where she found boundless possibilities in each class she attended. She practiced yoga off and on for many years and in 2009 made the decision to enroll in a 200 hour HathaYoga Teachers Training at Mind Body Zone. During her teachers training, she realized that yoga was unique and something she could take beyond the physical practice on the mat and extend into her day-to-day life. For her, Yoga presented this beautiful opportunity to accept where you are and acknowledge the opportunity for growth. She's grateful for the amazing teachers she's been blessed to practice with and continue to learn from.

Barbara has been a part of the fitness industry for over 12 years. She's a certified Personal Trainer Counselor through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). She provides private and group training sessions in addition to teaching classes in Gliding, Mat Pilates, Body Sculpt and Indoor/Outdoor Bootcamp. Her experiences tell her that deep learning comes from teaching experiences in which "students" are also "teachers" that helps cultivate your practice. Her yoga philosophy is simple "every single person can do yoga; they just need to show up".

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Courtney Ronca

Courtney first discovered yoga while living overseas in Japan, Once she moved back to the states in 2005 she began to deepen her practice. By developing a consistent yoga practice, she saw many incredible benefits in her life and decided to take her practice deeper.

Upon her move to California in 2007, Courtney met her teacher and mentor Anirudh Shastri and completed the 200 hour teacher training program in Avalon. Feeling drawn to tradition, she later completed both her 200 and 500 hour teacher training programs with Sri Dharma Mittra. Courtney feels extremely lucky and grateful to be able to learn and study with such incredible teachers. She continues to devote her life to the practice and discipline of yoga, integrating it into her life and sharing it with her students.

Courtney has a knack for making the impossible possible for students. With a specialty of breaking down complex poses, and making them attainable.

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Dustin Jones

From an early age, Dustin was heavily involved in acrobatics and tumbling. Nothing deep or philosophical, it was mainly just good fun. After realizing that to progress further he would need to compete, he soon dropped these activities, never quite taking an interest in competitive sports. During his freshman year in high school, Dustin attended his first yoga studio that was really nothing more than a standalone room apart from the local gym with ten space heaters and no humidifier (In Hawaii humidity was never a problem). He took a scorching Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary class full of other local odd yogis, wandering Rastafarians, and strange travelers. The air felt like fire, the flow was intoxicating, and the breathing was liberating. This is when Dustin really fell in love with Tantra, with movement and breath. Chasing his love of yoga, Dustin moved to San Jose in the summer of 2010 in order to take Mark Stephens 200 hr yoga teacher training in Santa Cruz.

Drawing his biggest inspiration from exploring the human form, Dustin tries to spread the passion for discovering the potential of the human body in every class. Dustin is currently a Massage Therapist in training at National Holistic Institute College of Massage Therapy.

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Elena Fisher

Elena truly believes that yoga is a practice, and that we all continue to improve our practice with each class we take. She loves working with students who are new to yoga, especially those who are a bit hesitant in the beginning. Her classes are a combination of movement, music, and fun with focus on breath. One of her major goals is to de- mystify the practice, so that everyone can leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, and a little more flexible.

Elena currently lives in Los Gatos, enjoying many of the wonderful California outdoor activities, such as running, cycling, swimming, hiking, and fishing. She also loves spending time with her family, including her two Pugs. When Elena isn't busy leading awesome classes, you will find her designing her own line of handmade clothing.

Eme Akpabio

After many years thinking of herself as 'not a gym person,' Eme changed her mind. This decision lead to at least two cool discoveries: (1) the joy of getting a sweat on at 6am, (2) yoga. After getting past the initial frustration of not knowing how to do anything, she settled into a regular practice and got hooked on the movement and the stillness. Eme was in the first class of Yoga Belly teacher training grads, earning a 200-hour Frog Lotus YTT certification. She hopes each student leaves her class a bit sweat-soaked and with a sense of well-being.

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Grace Bolton

Coming Soon!

Jeff Lang

Jeff Lang is a certified Yoga Tune Up® instructor in the San Francisco Bay area. His focus is on therapeutic alignment, musculature balance, and exploring range of motion. He brings a very anatomical and physiological awareness to the classical mechanics of hatha yoga. When fun and intelligence combine with breath and compassion, Jeff leaves us with a very real deep connection to well-being and peace.

He trained at the Avalon Art & Yoga Center in Palo Alto, and has studied under Jill Miller since 2008. Jeff brings a wide variety of experience from Shadow Yoga, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Classical Hatha, and Iyengar to plyometric exercises he gleaned during his hockey-playing days and physical therapy exercises. His intense self-study gives him an authentic voice whether presenting a meditative insight or a new sequence. You will have fun, learn, and feel welcome in any of Jeff's classes.

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John Rettger

John is a graduate of Yoga Tree San Franciscos 200-hour teacher training program where he studied under the guidance of Les Leventhal, Elise Lorimer, Stacey Rosenberg, Christopher Tompkins, Jason Crandell, Jane Austin, and his mentor, Darren Main among many other amazing teachers. John is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with the Yoga Alliance. Johns teaching and practice are influenced by yoga philosophy, as well as his research on psychospiritual integration in the context of mindfulness and yoga-based approaches to stress reduction and well-being enhancement. John received the Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in 2011.

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Keshia Eleazar

From a young age I had always been active. Studying classical ballet in Sydney, AU then receiving a black belt in Tae Kwon Do before entering college, and regular gym exercise after that. After a set routine, I was looking for something different and a friend persuaded to try Yoga Belly. After several failed yoga attempts, I decided give yoga another try. From the first class, I was hooked. The challenge of flowing and being mindful of the breath and body was something I wasn't aware of through other workouts.

Finishing Yoga Belly's teacher training and mentoring under Yoga Belly's own Sean and Loran Loosli, I was able to expand my yoga practice. I'd like to share my love of yoga and Yoga Belly to others and hope to open them up to their potential and find their strength. After all, I too am still a student!

Outside of yoga, I work in commercial property management, love to hike, and like to smoosh my dog's face because he's so gosh darn cute!

Loran Loosli

After a lifetime of bending, balancing and flipping as a gymnast and coach, Loran moved to California and fell in love with yoga. Yoga has become a big part of her life. It impacted her in such a meaningful way that she wanted to learn how to share the benefits the practice offers with others around her. She completed her teacher-training program in 2012 and has been teaching around the peninsula ever since. She has her 200 hr. certification through Frog Lotus and is registered with Yoga Alliance.

Loran's classes focus on the core, have upbeat music, and a smooth flow. It's great for all levels, and especially those who are just starting to get into yoga. The poses are very accessible and the class structure follows a similar pattern each time. Core work, standing flow, balancing, and cool-down. With a passion for creative sequencing and moving with the breath, her classes are very dynamic and engaging. You will get a fantastic workout and build a strong foundation for your Vinyasa flow practice.

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Sean Loosli

Sean began practicing yoga somewhat skeptically, reluctantly coming along with his wife. As a long-time member of our studio staff, he has since become independently interested and passionate about his practice. He is excited about making the poses and practice accessible to all -- particularly those who are just starting out or may not see themselves as stereotypical yogis. His yoga practice is a constant balance between accepting what is while also striving for more just like the rest of his life. Sean is a sports nut who will jump into any type of pickup game, and loves the great cross-training for strength, flexibility, and balance that a yoga practice provides. Sean completed his introductory teacher training here at YB with William Cristobal. He also works as a product manager for an online banking software company in the Bay area.

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Summer Rechenmacher

Summer took her first class at Yoga Belly in 2011. She had tried many studios over the years and did prenatal yoga during her pregnancies with her daughters, but didn't really "get" yoga until she found Yoga Belly. She came to the studio to mix up her workouts and fell in love from the very first class. Not only because of how great it made her feel, but also how much fun she had and the amazing energy of the Yoga Belly community. What followed was a wonderful transformation. As Summer gained the strength and confidence to do challenging poses and arm balances that once seemed so daunting, she gained so much more. Yoga has enriched her health, outlook, and total being. She wanted to share the joy she experienced so she completed Yoga Belly's Teacher Apprenticeship program and has begun her journey in sharing the incredible benefits of yoga so others, too, can have fun while experiencing their truly amazing transformations. Summer encourages her students to break out of their comfort zone and grow to realize their full potential both on and off the mat.

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William Cristobal

William and his hubby Aaron were simply trying out new experiences when they first moved to Palo Alto, CA. They jumped on an opportunity to volunteer their time at a yoga studio in exchange for free classes and they got hooked on the practice instantly. After hosting a party where they met the lovely owner of their yoga studio, William was inspired to take teacher training with the intent of adding flavor to the practice. Soon he earned his 200-RYT, attended multiple trainings, and started teaching part-time pretty much everywhere, and became known for offering funkdafied yoga classes while cranking up dance, hip hop, and pop music. William co-founded Yoga Belly with Aaron where you'll find their disco ball in the middle of the studio, where you are encouraged to have a good time.

William joined Lululemon as a loyal and dedicated ambassador in 2011 and still rocks that title to this day. His random experiences includes a cameo appearance on the hit show Dating Naked, and his claim to fame is being a featured teacher at Wanderlust Squaw Valley 2015, thanks to Lululemon! William is happily teaching for over 9 years now and is celebrating the success of Yoga Belly since 2010. He loves Madonna and is blissfully continuing his journey with Aaron, the man who truly brings him joy, and their sweet little doggies Chewie, Rocco, and Baby Gurl.

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