Aaron Goodnow (schedule)

After several years of practicing yoga then opening up Yoga Belly, Aaron chose to take his journey further and earned his 200-hour yoga certification. Standing at 6’2, Aaron has always described his practice as “big boy yoga” and proudly represents those who may think they are inflexible, unable to touch their toes, or simply feel they don’t fit the mold of the yogis. Breaking all stereotypes, you can find Aaron teaching the most advanced inversions and arm balances (could someone say eka pada koundinyasana?), to coming up for upward facing bow (aka wheel), to throwing down the basics in the signature Yoga Belly classes. Aaron believes everyone can move with grace and ease through the practice based on his own efforts in getting into those binds, arm balances and inversions that he’s learned along the way.

Aaron invites you to check out his classes and experience purposeful movement, personal awareness, self-love, and determination of spirit. And slap on some of the coolest 90’s hip hop & pop hits, you got yourself an Aaron Goodnow experience. In his own words: Whatever you do, I encourage you to add yoga to your life. As we grow older we are in a use it or lose it type situation with our bodies in how we move through this life. Embracing movement and the power of breath into your existence will propel you to another level throughout this lifetime. The yoga practice is a journey of a lifetime and it begins with taking that first journey to your mat and being willing to participate. I invite you to practice with me and share in that journey together.