Christopher Corbet

Chris began his practice in 2008 at the start of graduate school as a way to quiet his technical side for a few moments while finishing his Ph.D. Somewhere along the way he became lost in his practice and came out the other end as a yoga instructor. Having taught in the Austin area for six years, Chris is happy to call Yoga Belly his new home.

Chris’ classes come from his heart and his mind, each one encompassing a theme to focus a certain muscle group, emotion, or pose. Each theme comes with music choices and personal stories that heighten the emphasis on the day’s intention. His teaching style is a technical alignment based vinyasa that will challenge your brain as well as your body. Chris believes that every student is capable of so much more than they believe is possible and tries to help his students find more depth and strength in their practice. He encourages all of his students to find a little extra bravery in every class and to push themselves a little further in the moment, hoping that we all finish class with extra sweat on the mat and a smile on our faces.