Loran Loosli (schedule)

After a lifetime of bending, balancing and flipping as a gymnast and coach, Loran moved to California and fell in love with yoga. Yoga has become a big part of her life. It impacted her in such a meaningful way that she wanted to learn how to share the benefits the practice offers with others around her. She completed her teacher-training program in 2012 and has been teaching around the peninsula ever since. She has her 200 hr. certification through Frog Lotus and is registered with Yoga Alliance.

Loran’s classes focus on the core, have upbeat music, and a smooth flow. It’s great for all levels, and especially those who are just starting to get into yoga. The poses are very accessible and the class structure follows a similar pattern each time. Core work, standing flow, balancing, and cool-down. With a passion for creative sequencing and moving with the breath, her classes are very dynamic and engaging. You will get a fantastic workout and build a strong foundation for your Vinyasa flow practice.