Mark Baller (schedule)

Mark is a trial lawyer, husband and father, and a yoga instructor. His loves all his jobs, but it is especially fun for him to share his teaching with you!

Mark started practicing yoga 15 years ago and grew into a daily practice in 2014 and he has been a regular at Yoga Belly ever since. He completed his 200-hour training in December 2016 and completed 2 additional trainings in January and February 2017.

Mark was at the very first YB Ballerz class was instantly hooked. His YB Ballerz classes combine YBX-style Vinyasa flows with isometric holds and strength training. Flowing with the balls and holding the balls in yoga poses is challenging, fun and a unique way to up-level your YBX practice.

Having fun, making friends, getting pretty good at yoga, and growing as a person through his yoga practice and teaching, Mark hopes his classes have a similar positive impact on you and that he inspires you to laugh, work hard and sweat. Ask him anything about his journey, on being a lawyer or about his wonderful family.